What makes you want to skydive?

If you don't know whether skydiving is for you, you could try a tandem jump first. But if you feel like investing more of your own initiative, then you should book a trial jump. The feeling of having made the jump yourself will remain unforgettable and strengthen your self-confidence forever.

Our theoretical lessons begin on Fridays at 5:00 p.m.
All jumpers use their terms, and we’ll do the same with you, right from the start.
On Saturday there is more theory and some practical exercises, such as the landing.
On Sunday your free fall instructors will be assigned to you and then you will start jumping.

The jump
You jump with a steerable parachute and an electronic opening machine as a backup. Your jump will be recorded on Actioncam and you will be happy to receive a copy. We will help you steer the umbrella by radio. Landing is no harder than jumping off the kitchen table.

By the way, you don't have a fear of heights when flying in the landing machine or when jumping or while gliding.
Fear of heights is something you get on tall buildings. (All people have, is also normal and right)

Safety is always and absolutely in the foreground in our sport. All of our parachutes have electronic opening machines of the type CYPRES the latest generation. The parachutes are regularly serviced and packed by certified parachute packers.

The instructors
All of our instructors are highly experienced, have a license from the Association of German Parachutists, and were once beginners themselves, and therefore understand exactly how you feel.

On Sunday evening every first jumper receives an official certificate and should endure the admission ritual by the experienced jumpers! After that you can wear the coveted skydiver badge, the Curved pin.

The jump training is not a one-off test of courage, and our sport has nothing to do with the military. You can see that in the high proportion of women of over 30%. Above all, it is fun to free fall and to fly with the glider, but there is always a strong adrenaline rush.

The first jump is really big and is a lot of fun with the beginner troop we put together! Spectators are welcome to be there to watch the action or to photograph the landing.
After the first jump, it will be easy for you to decide whether skydiving is for you or not.

AFF training method
The very first jump is at 4000m and you immediately experience the free fall, but in the direct company of 2 instructors who secure the jump. Your teachers guarantee that you fall stable and that you open your umbrella at the right height.

Normal fitness is sufficient. Any doctor can issue a medical certificate, i.e. a certificate "suitable for jumping".

The form from the German Skydiving Association is available in our "Download" area. Anyone with average health can jump! However, you should weigh no less than 45 kg and be at least 1.55 m tall, but no heavier than 115 kg. A BMI over 30 is not acceptable. In cases of doubt, we want to see the person at our place and talk about it.
Glasses or contacts are no problem.

The minimum age is 14 years (consent is required up to the age of majority in the Legal guardian required), there is no maximum age.

Normal comfortable clothing and sports shoes. No shoes with hooks. You cannot take cameras with you when jumping.

There is a communal kitchen for self-catering.

Sometimes pizza is ordered together. Sometimes there is a barbecue.

In Hohenlockstedt next door there are good home-style restaurants. Also in Itzehoe. Whatever you do, you have the most fun here too if you join the group.

For the young or the young at heart our Springer Hostel, that is 28 bunk beds in our 3 communal accommodations, in the same building as the classroom and the packing hall. Of course, we also have separate showers. The overnight stay in the Springer Hostel costs only 5 €, or is free for license students.

Tent / camper / caravan works fine too. There is electricity for 2.50 / night.

If you want modest luxury individually or in pairs, you can rent a room next door in the Tower Hostel, costs around 40 per night. The guest house is not managed by us, but by 0172-4016756

About 900m away at the entrance to the airfield there is Hostel 77, single and double rooms, from 20, - / person. 01520 2089805

- Trial jump (1 AFF level 1 jump from 4000m) 320,- €

Should you decide to add the license course, the trial jump will be natural full counted.

Trial jumps can also be ordered as a voucher and given away!

Information on training under: 04826/376943, via This email address is being protected from spambots. To display JavaScript must be turned on! or register immediately via our online registration ...

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