Why do expats drink so much

Americans drink the most soft drinks

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Although soft drinks contain a lot of sugar and other substances that are harmful to health if consumed regularly and in large quantities, they are consumed worldwide.

As the infographic based on the Statista Non-Alcoholic Drink Report 2017 shows, in 2016 the Americans were - unsurprisingly - in first place in the country comparison of per capita spending on soft drinks.

Norway with high sugar tax on soft drinks

Although every Norwegian only buys around half as much cola, energy drinks and co. (98 liters) as an American (195 liters) on average, Norway ranks second in terms of sales per year. The reason is the high soft drink prices in Norway. Due to the sugar tax, they are over two euros per liter. Germany is in tenth place. There is no sugar tax in this country - however, the introduction has been publicly discussed for some time.
You can find more infographics at Statista

Background: The market for non-alcoholic beverages is a highly dynamic market and is particularly driven by the soft drinks segment, including energy drinks and sports drinks. In addition, the business with healthy or health-promoting drinks and smoothies has flourished in recent years.

In Asian countries, non-alcoholic beverages are enjoying great popularity and showing strong growth, especially in the area of ​​soft drinks, which are tending to decline in terms of volume in Europe and the USA. This report from the series of segment reports of the Consumer Market Outlook takes a closer look at the soft drinks segment in an international comparison.

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