What about one-sided love

What is one-sided love? - 15 ways to make something of it or just let it go!

One sided love? Going on seems completely impossible, doesn't it? Confused about whether you should let go of everything or try harder to sort things out?

What is one-sided love?

One-sided love is basically the feeling of loving someone who doesn't feel the same way about you.

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In short, one-sided love can be described as falling in love or any kind of attraction, but this is just as well true love.

This feeling is for someone who doesn't reciprocate your feelings. A person experiencing one-sided love has that hope deep in their heart that one day they will be loved back by someone special.

It is possible that the person you fell in love with is not an exact fit for you, that they may live in another city, or that they are too old or young to get together with you.

They may have feelings for another person or they may just not be ready for a relationship.

Unrequited love can make you despair because you have strong feelings for someone who doesn't feel the same for you.

One-sided love is even possible between couples who are already in a relationship in which one partner loves with 100% devotion and the other partner hardly cares.

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The adored may either consciously reject the one-sided lover or have no inkling of the admirer's romantic affection for him.

Signs of one-sided love

The loved one seems absolutely perfect for you. You don't see a mistake in your lover, even if he made it. You always justify his mistakes and statements.

With one-sided love, you feel drained because you do everything for it and still get nothing fruitful and satisfying in return.

The primacy of other relationships in your life is diminishing, and you only give all meaning to that one special person

You never get the priority you deserve and you just keep living in your own fantasy world.

You keep finding excuses to meet the person you love because just seeing them makes your day happy.

Even if your lover shows signs that they are not interested in you, you still hope that one day they will love you again.

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Chances are, you continue to stalk your loved one 's social media profiles and closely track all of their movements and activities.

You can easily become depressed and unhappy, especially if the person you love ignores you or fails to text you or call you back.

You talk to your friends about him all day.
You're the one who keeps starting up conversations with him.

It is obvious that one-sided love is hurtful because you continue to waste your time and energy on someone who doesn't even bother to be considerate of you or care about your feelings.

But then it doesn't have to be that bad.

You can actually try to make the one-sided love work if you feel it's worth it.

10 ways one-sided love can become something

Here are some key tips you can follow so that your one-sided love can lead to a successful relationship.

1) Try to be a good friend to your loved one.

Take things one step at a time, don't leave anyone out.

Before you start thinking about dating someone, it is very important that you become their good friend, or even their best friend.

So the first and most important step is to become a good friend of the loved one and gain their trust.

Only when the loved one begins to fully know you as a person will they be able to ponder the prospect of a relationship with you.

2) Not to be obsessed

It is very unhealthy and harmful for you and your love when you allow yourself to be consumed completely by one-sided love.

You should always draw some clear lines. Let the person know about your feelings and emotions and let them see your worth.

Make your loved one believe that you are not over-obsessed with them, but that you really like them.

If you become overly obsessed, he / she may completely ignore you and never prioritize your conversations.

3) Keep communicating with him

You have to keep the conversation going because if you stop talking, nothing is possible. In order for the other person to recognize your worth, you have to communicate with them regularly.

Don't despair too much and give him / her personal space and time to respond. Let him know through your conversations with your lover that you are always there, always by his side.

4) Unravel the feelings

First of all, you need to be clear about your feelings.

Just get in touch with your inner self and try to find out if you really want to turn the one-sided love into a two-sided.

Most one-sided lovers regret chasing after their loved one because they later realize that their love is not true, but that is not a good thing.

It is better to know before doing anything. So decide for yourself and only continue when you are absolutely sure of your feelings.

5) The situation is bad, not you.

Assuming we fall in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way about us, the first thing we all do is start finding faults in ourselves.

This is totally wrong! Stop blaming yourself for not being good enough and try to accept the fact that the situation is wrong, not you.

Each of us has different likes and dislikes depending on different things like food and clothing, but that doesn't mean we're not good.

So if someone doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about them, understand that you are in a situation that you have no control over. And accept that.

6) Let your loved ones see the best in you

You just have to be who you are, really and truly. This point doesn't mean that you have to do fancy things to impress your beloved.

It just means that you have to be true to yourself and help your love understand you better.

Don't bother to hide your weaknesses, because you have to let your love know you inside and out.

That way, he / she will likely be able to fully connect with you.

7) Respect and care for your loved one

In order for your lover's feelings to reciprocate for you, you must respect them in all aspects of life and learn to accept them wholeheartedly.

And not just to impress him, but only if you mean it. When you show him appropriation, care, and love, he can see your true worth.

8) Be there for the person you love

Whether indoors or outdoors, everyone wishes that a person would always be there for them to support them.

It is extremely important that you are there for your love, especially during their bad times.

By supporting him in difficult times and also by his side in the good times, you can show your worth in his / her consciousness.

Support is a quality people typically look for in a potential partner. Think of one thing that you can never do alone to make one-sided love succeed.

The other person must also make an effort to do the same.

However, it is your duty to reassure your lover that the relationship between the two of you will work and that you really love him.

9) Don't keep telling about your feelings

You shouldn't keep telling him or her about your feelings if he or she doesn't care. Just keep your feelings to yourself and enjoy your own life.

If you think it is worth telling him your feelings, then that is absolutely wrong, it is completely unhealthy, and it will annoy him.

So limit yourself and your area and wait for the right time.

10) Expect less

This is the most important rule of one-sided love. Never expect much because in that case anything can happen and you have to be ready to face the circumstances.

Don't take on the burden of things. Just take things easy and go with the flow.

5 Effective Ways to Let Go of One-sided Love

There are many reasons why you want to leave your one-sided feeling behind, then you can try these ways.

1) Keep your distance from one-sided love

You have to cut off all possible connections to your love, especially if you find yourself somewhere everyday, e.g. B. in the office, at the university, etc., meet.

The reason for this is if you spend more time with them they will create memories that you will remember for a lifetime and those memories will hurt you, and trust me, they can not only hurt but destroy your whole life, so try to keep your distance between you.

2) Remember the other goals of your life

You just have to remember one thing, that he or she is not your one and only.

You have many other things or goals to focus on in your life so try to consider them first before you tackle this life.

Start by giving time to your passions, hobbies, and interests. They will help you achieve the goals of your life.

3) Don't forget that you, too, are someone's one-sided love.

If you love him / her one-sidedly, remember that there has to be someone who loves you one-sidedly. Just stop thinking and talking about your one-sided love for him / her.

You should start thinking about the love someone else has for you.

4) Give your life a second chance

Don't just be conserved in your life because of your unsuccessful love, just open your arms and try to accept things.

Give your love life another chance, maybe you will get the one who is very fond of you, who loves you very much.

5) Accept that your love is someone else's property.

When you love someone who is already bonded or has a different relationship with someone.

Then trust me that it is the best way to get rid of all of these things because there is no way and no reason to wait for you anymore.

Accept that he or she is not yours and that they belong to someone else.

I hope you enjoyed this article on "What is One-sided Love?" - Apply these ideas, love yourself, and make your life more interesting and happier than before.