What is a ZB 47

Access rights database

Often, ignorance is the reason for the refusal to provide information and not bad will. Because most of the authorities are simply insufficiently informed about what to say and what to conceal. You act out of ignorance. In these cases, it is often enough to just listen to the willingness to provide information if you send the authorities a legally sound letter explaining why they have to talk.

And this is where we want to help. In this database you will find the 70 most important rulings on the state press laws. In the judgments you will find the arguments that you need to be able to fight for information if necessary.

You can browse through the judgments, you can search through the full text of the case law or read through the corresponding guiding principles. Do your research to be able to argue better.

An example of how you can use the database: If your city refuses to provide you with information on fees for municipal consultants because they are "secret", you can search for the keyword "trade secret" in the database. There you will find, among other things, a judgment of the Düsseldorf Administrative Court, in which “business secrets” are narrowly defined. Municipalities must therefore make known to whom they have paid how much money for which service.

So if you write a new letter to your city, you can say that you have a right to information because the Düsseldorf Administrative Court ordered the disclosure of trade secrets in a similar case. You can quote the ruling and ask your city to comply with applicable law. Most of the time it works.

The database is constantly being expanded. If you have new judgments or any known important judgments are missing from the database, please let us know. We are constantly adding to our database.

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