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Viticulture in the USA

Many of us may not have the USA so much on our radar as a wine country, but the Americans currently occupy that with 430,000 hectares of vineyards 6th place worldwide. Almost 10 times more vines are grown in the USA than in Austria, that's a lot! For comparison: Germany owns around 100,000 hectares.

The fact that there is a large variety of different wines given the number of cultivation areas does not need to be mentioned anymore, does it? ;-)

The US got on one of the in a very short time Top positions catapulted the international wine market. Along with Italy, France and Spain, they are among the most important wine-growing countries in the world. Wine production in the USA brings it to around 20-30 million hectoliters of wine per year. Viticulture takes place mainly in California. Californian wines need not shy away from comparison with the best growing regions in the world.

California as a wine region

In particular that fresh climateThe fact that it owes its proximity to the Pacific and its location in river valleys ensures the necessary freshness and moisture to be able to produce high-quality wines that are very balanced. The west coast of the USA is a very complex growing area because the Soils very diverse are. There are around 100 different soil formations worldwide - more than 50 of them can be found in California! This is why very different grapes sometimes grow here only a short distance away. California viticulture is known for its varietal wines. The most widely grown are the Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties.

Famous California wine regions are Alexander Valley, Carneros, Dry Creek Valley, Howell Mountain, Mount Veeder, Napa Valley, Oakville, Russian River Valley, Rutherford, Santa Maria Valley, Santa Ynez Sonoma, Spring Mountain and Stags Leap.

Inconspicuous wines? Not at all!

In the meantime, however, wine production takes place in all states. California, Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, and Oregon are among the states with the largest amounts of wine produced. Sure, they also exist, the powerful power wines from Paso Robles that we love, but filigree Pinot Noir from Oregon can also be found among our American favorites.

And there is one thing the wines are definitely not: inconspicuous! Just Chronic Cellars impresses just because of the labels, but what's behind them is really not without. Discover now!