How aggressive are capybaras

Dortmund Zoo: Name wanted for new capybara

Dortmund Zoo has a new capybara and is looking for a name for the animal. Proposals could be submitted until Friday.

Visitors to the Dortmund zoo have been able to marvel at a new resident since April: a young capybara man. The capybara, as the guinea pig is officially called, does not yet have a name. The Dortmund Zoo has therefore called for a vote so that the nameless animal can finally get one.

Until Friday, 11:59 p.m., interested parties could vote on which name the animal should get. Suggestions could be submitted on Facebook. The zoo would now like to go through the suggestions received together with the responsible animal keepers and have them vote on the name in another Facebook post.

I got to know Daniela carefully

The capybara was born on May 23, 2018 in a zoo in the Netherlands. On April 15th it came to Dortmund, where it has since settled in its new home. According to the zoo, this went quite well, although the animal initially had to use the facilities individually and alternately with the capybara lady Daniela.

Because the capybaras could react aggressively to other species, the zoo announced in its article. Therefore, the meeting of the two capybaras was closely observed.

In the meantime, however, they are out and about together in the facility and would even run into the tapir stable in pairs to steal food there. They even spend the nights together in the stable.