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Interview on digital leadership with Norbert Janzen from IBM

On the occasion of the Digital Leadership Summit - the leading conference on new leadership concepts on June 21. 2017 in Cologne - we spoke to Norbert Janzen, Managing Director and Head of HR at IBM Deutschland GmbH

Mr. Janzen, thank you very much for taking the time for the interview. You and IBM are also represented at the Digital Leadership Summit with Sven Semet, who is your HR Thought Leader.

That is why we naturally want to know:

How do you think leadership will change in the future?

In the digital age, management will have to adapt to the changed structures in companies and the changed division of labor. Leadership will not focus on the best professional expertise and delegation of work. Rather, it is to dissolve the sum of the complexity and lead a group / department to a defined outcome in a targeted manner.

What framework conditions do managers need in order to lead effectively in the future?

Managers have to be “empowered” by the company to take on their responsibility and to be able to make targeted and quick decisions. This requires the data basis but also the procedural simplification. This way you gain in the reputation of the employees through the rapid advancement of projects, the efficient management of the department / group but also in employee development / career coaching.

How can executives benefit from HR analytics?

Much of the data that is important for executives' decision-making is already available today, but it is often unstructured and not prepared as a decision-making template for managers. HR Analytics will ensure exactly this and thus make a valuable contribution to well-founded and faster decisions by executives.

Thank you for the interview.


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