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Social media in companies with Office 365 - Part 1: Yammer

Discover how we at Net at Work use social media based on Office 365 internally and what added value social networks can create in your company. The first part of our “Social Media in Companies” series is about Yammer: We use practical examples to show numerous application scenarios for corporate social networks. Let yourself be inspired: Break internal boundaries and bring your employees together.

Yammer compared to public social media platforms

In order to network with friends and acquaintances and stay up to date, users in their private environment regularly use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Xing and LinkedIn. Yammer is the equivalent for company news. The social media application is in yours Office 365 Enterprise license already included, discover the possible uses for your company now.

Advantages and opportunities of corporate social networks

Social media offers companies numerous advantages. On the one hand, a corporate social network promotes the transparent, appreciative communication. Employees feel informed and involved, which significantly increases motivation and satisfaction. The minimizes the turnover rate sustainable in the company.

Sharing knowledge leads to Identification of previously unknown experts in specific subject areas. Also get writers direct feedback on your publications, which helps management in particular to assess the mood.

The Reduction of shadow IT is another advantage of introducing social media. The use of in-house social media platforms based on Office 365 makes other messengers or apps questionable Privacy Policy superfluous.

Employees receive via their own device online or via app access to all Microsoft services. The pursuit of the Bring your own device Approach consequently also reduces the hardware costs.

How we use the enterprise social network Yammer at Net at Work

Microsoft's corporate social network promotes exchange, knowledge transfer and solidarity throughout the company. We at Net at Work use the social media platform for Cross-location and cross-departmental connection of all company members.

“Schwarzes Brett” goes digital: Spread news throughout the company with Yammer - despite working from home

Especially in the current situation in the home office, Yammer plays as Management communication channel an important role. Because the Enterprise Social Network supports management in Dissemination of important company-wide news, such as announcements, process changes and employee surveys.

Knowledge transfer made easy

Communication across departmental boundaries is the best prerequisite for one uncomplicated knowledge transfer. The informal exchange on complex company-relevant topics is therefore very popular with us. Depending on their work area, members of a company network join different groups and help colleagues to come up with ideas, publish information and offer support. Our “Off Topic” group stands for relaxed communication on other current topics. The breaks down barriers and promotes cohesion and employee satisfaction.

The Yammer interface at a glance

Yammer is offered as a web application at yammer.com, as an iOS and Android app. The recently added Teams app "Communities" for direct integration into the teamwork tool. Comprehensive device and location-independent access is therefore ensured.

Capture mood with opportunities for interaction

There's a direct under every Yammer post Feedback option via like, comment or share to disposal. In addition, a counter calculates the Open rate of each post. In the case of important information, the author (for example the management) can use it to track whether the news reaches all employees. To make it easier to find, we recommend that important articles be so called subjects assign.

Never miss any news

The number of unread posts is indicated by a number next to the group name. In everyday work, however, there is not always time to read all the news. In this case, Yammer will ship automatically send an email reminder with a short overview of the articles and a link. As a result, corporate members no longer miss any important news.

Yammer can also be used as an external network, for example for communication with partners, customers and for support.

Create and discover Yammer groups

After the technical deployment of Yammer, the "Entire company" group or "All Company" are available as standard. In this group, you can easily start company-wide communication without any further setup.

For thematic differentiation, the later Creation of new groups at. After selecting a group name and members, select the access options. Yammer stands for open, company-wide communication. We therefore recommend creating it public groups within the corporate network. Membership restrictions often result in minimizing important viral effects in cross-departmental collaboration.

The menu item "Discover other groups" shows one Overview of all existing groups in a company.

Yammer menu

The Yammer menu is located on the left above the groups. The Home button leads to the personalized start page, which can be individually adapted. You can either filter new content or get an overview of all conversations. Alternatively, the feed can also be restricted to conversations from people, files, or topics that you follow. The Envelope button Provides access to the inbox with unread announcements and publications in groups and by people you follow. You can recognize relevant news at a glance. A red number on Bell button signals new notifications for your own posts and provides information about likes and comments from other members of your company network.

Compose a new Yammer post

The standard group member has four formats to choose from when composing a new post. Creating a question then choosing the best answer, posting one Poll, the praise of a colleague or writing a Updates offers extensive opportunities to interact with people on the Yammer network. In addition, a contribution through the Add files or GIFs and the selection of the recipients to be notified can be further adapted. Administrators also have company-wide authorization Announcements compose.

More Yammer features

The Yammer search filters by people, groups, files, topics and links. The Enterprise Social Network also includes a People directory and private messages. However, other social media applications in the Office 365 environment offer more comprehensive options here.

Concerns about using social media in companies

Below are the most common benefits that corporate social networks offer against all odds.

Is there a risk of abuse like with public social networks?

Fake news, hate speech and bullying have no chance in the enterprise social network. The advantage over public social networks is through the closed group of people conditionally within an organization. The publication of contributions takes place under the real name with automatic time stamp and is therefore directly traceable. There is also the possibility of moderation by network administrators: Authorized persons can delete messages and a Blacklist deposit which prohibits the use of certain words. Consequently, offers a corporate social network extended control options, which do not exist in the dissemination of questionable information via other channels, such as e-mail communication or even anonymously using analogue means such as a paper notice.

Is there a fear of data or information loss through social media?

To avoid data or information loss, Office 365 offers comprehensive measures such as Keywording and authorizations, which go far beyond the options of existing tools such as sending e-mails.

What about employee data protection?

When planning the project, we recommend the Coordination with the works council, to inform about opportunities and to minimize concerns about data protection of employees. In principle, all information in a corporate social network is voluntary.

Is it to be feared that the enterprise social network will increase the moderation effort?

At the beginning of the social media introduction, there may be an increase in the moderation effort. In this case we recommend the Designation of responsible persons, e.g. the internal communications department. Our experience shows that the need for moderation continues to decrease in the long term.

Recipe for success for social media in the company

Contributions and interactions in the corporate social network are voluntary and require a corporate culture that is characterized by cooperation and openness. It is therefore not enough to technically provide social media in the company. The level of activity in Yammer varies, ranging from read-only to a combination of reading, liking, sharing and commenting to posting your own. We recommend the Accompany the introduction of Yammer with an individual change management strategy. Using individual measures, our experts prepare your employees for the change, reduce resistance and fears and, as a result, achieve a high user acceptance of the corporate social network.

Do you need support with the enterprise social media solution Yammer?

Our Office 365 and change management experts will be happy to help you and will call you back as soon as possible!

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