Why do long-distance runners lose toenails

Broken toenails from jogging

Hi angel mother,
I am also a runner and think to myself that if the shoes really fit, are not too short and the socks fit well, then it could be this nasty stupid nail fungus that tends to afflict athletes' feet. Have you ever shown the giving of presents to a dermatologist?
Which toes are affected? Could it be that you have a misaligned foot that needs to be corrected with insoles? Foot problems often show up in completely impossible places and disappear, as if conjured up, if you get the right insoles. Almost all long-distance runners in the over 40 league need these things sooner or later because the arch of the foot increases with time (and age ) "worn out". A good sports doctor or orthopedic surgeon can advise you here.
If you've only been doing tours that long for 2 years, now is exactly the time when the first "aches and pains" come, but you can usually get them under control. It was the same with me. Since I have insoles, my knee doesn't hurt anymore ... everything is somehow connected.
Greetings and have fun stepping on the forest floor

who pulls out the shorts and moths the Gore-Tex Schluffen

Hello Mariella,
was with a podiatrist who had ruled out a nail fungus.
I also went to an orthopedic surgeon because I have a flat splayfoot and my second sports shoe insoles have already been prescribed.
Really have problems, because the pain and "the back itches" tremendously, to go back to the pampas.
You surely understand understand.
Greetings Ute

Hi Ute,
yes i can and how ...
So no nail fungus, deposits sit and still nail plague. I have just discussed this with my lover, who has been running around for 10 years, and we only come to the conclusion: try shoes one size bigger. Asics can still be exchanged after the first month if they are not suitable for use, I would take advantage of that in your place. There's nothing to lose ... go to the specialist shop and get started. They really take them back at "Runners Point", even after 2 months with my sister when she was unsatisfied.
Good luck

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