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Boxer shorts test - men are well dressed with it - comparison of the best boxer shorts 2021

Comparing the best boxer shorts on the market

Accordingly, if you only want to use the latest fashion every year, you have to keep yourself up to date in this area. But also interested parties who are just generally newBoxer shorts would like to purchase, do well to compare the goods. This ensures that the shorts that are best suited for your purposes are always received.

With the large assortment online and in shops, it is of course not always easy to be able to compare all the goods directly. That is why there isProduct test. In this case, the respective shorts are an extensivetest in order to give interested parties a good overview of the best current goods. The customers who then decide in favor of the well-rated goods from these tests will certainly also receive high-quality shorts. In the following, all interested parties will find a table with the 10 best products that could be determined in current product tests.

What exactly is the boxer shorts garment?

These are basically shorts that are worn as underpants and are therefore an alternative to classic or long underpants. The name of these garments is mainly derived from the cut, the strongly reminiscent of a boxer's pants. In addition, these underpants were first developed for people who played boxing. Nowadays this underwear is available in many different designs and cuts, but the basic shape of the shorts is always retained.

This type of underpants is primarily intended for men, but women are also increasingly opting for themBoxer shorts, as this usually has to offer a high level of comfort. Of course, it should be noted that the cuts for women are smaller than for men.

In addition, theBoxer shorts for women, often in the anterior region of the genitals. Men, on the other hand, can expect a cutout in this area, depending on the model, so that both the testicles and the penis have enough space. Furthermore, in the area of ​​fashion, it should be noted that theBoxer shorts Young people in particular like to wear them under their swimming trunks.

For hygienic reasons, however, this is not welcomed by most bathing establishments. Accordingly, it is forbidden to keep these shorts on while swimming. In addition, the so-called "sagging" in theBoxer shorts is being used. In this case, the point is to wear the panties so that the waistband of the shorts can be seen over the actual pants. It is particularly important that any brand inscriptions on the elastic waistband can be easily read over the trousers. Accordingly, shorts are particularly popular with young people who wear a very wide cut so that they almost reach the navel and are therefore easier to see over the actual trousers.

Diagram showing the price-performance ratio of the boxer shorts

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The functions of a good boxer short

The shorts have an elastic band that surrounds the wearer's hips accordingly. The elastic band has the advantage that the pants offer a good grip in every situation and can therefore also adapt well to movements. Furthermore, theBoxer shorts then usually cut so that they reach from the hips to the middle of the thighs. Depending on the model, there can also be a longer or shorter cut. For men, it is important that the shorts sit loosely in the crotch area and thus offer a lot of freedom.

This fact offers a health advantage, especially for men. Due to the fact that the testicles of men have more freedom, it is initially easier for them to ensure a correct heat balance. In addition, the more comfortable fit of theBoxer shorts for a better quality of the sperm, which is supposed to increase fertility. Another feature is the engagement, which is common on many of the shorts. This allows men to use the toilet to get their penis out for urination without theBoxer shorts to have to pull down.

This makes the process considerably easier. It should be noted that zips or buttons are rather unusual in this case and are used for special models. TheBoxer shorts For women, of course, do not offer any intervention, but can have special decorations on the waistband or the leg cuffs. One example is a lace fabric that gives the shorts a more feminine look.

Savana men's boxer shorts in the test - thanks to MicroModal light as a feather, feels cool on the skin - and silky to the touch

The areas of application of the shorts and their advantages

The main scope of theBoxer shorts in men as well as women is called underwear. Of course, these items of clothing are also offered for children, whereby the size has been adjusted accordingly. In this case, the items of clothing are primarily used for hygiene, so that the anus and the genital organs do not come into direct contact with the pants that are being worn. On the one hand, this has the advantage that the actual clothing itself stays clean longer. Furthermore, it should also be mentioned that the genital organs and the anus are better protected from external environmental influences. This is especially true when theBoxer shorts to be changed daily. In this way, diseases of the excretory orifices and reproductive organs can be better prevented.

Another use of the shorts is as nightwear. These items of clothing are increasingly worn, especially in summer. The main reason for this is in particular that the short boxer shorts enable better heat exchange from the body.

This has the advantage that people sweat less and can therefore sleep deeper and healthier. Also with theBoxer shorts to be named as nightwear that they have a lot of legroom or freedom of movement. Thus, the comfort while sleeping is significantly increased. Accordingly, it is easier to make yourself comfortable in bed.

As a third application there is theBoxer shorts also as lingerie (lingerie). Women in particular can purchase a few versions here, but men can also find suitable clothing for making love. The advantage in this case is that users get erotic underwear, with the high level of comfort from theBoxer shorts is retained. Another advantage is that this lingerie is available in numerous designs so that everyone can always wear the right shorts.

Savana men's boxer shorts tested - extremely soft

Boxer shorts made of organic cotton

Cotton is the material most of the boxer shorts from our boxer short test are made of. This is because cotton is ideal. It is breathable and gentle on the skin. But cotton is very often grown with genetically modified seeds. According to the Swiss SRF, this is what India is all about Monsanto seed bt cotton.

If you don't want genetic engineering in your clothes, you can buy boxer shorts made of organic cotton. The boxer shots are often not much more expensive. On Amazon, for example, the Boxer shorts Dilling, Frank Fields retro pants, Sanetta boys shorts and the GOTS trunk shorts all made from organic cotton at great prices.

But the labels can be confusing. Many boxer shorts are not made from 100 percent organic cotton, but only mixed with organic cotton. As the SRF reports in another article, this is also due to the certification bodies. While Biore 100 percent organic cotton guaranteed Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) for example only 5 percent organic cotton. For the remaining 95 percent, they even allow the use of pesticides and genetically modified seeds.

Boxer shorts made from 100 percent organic cotton

So you should make sure that the manufacturers don't just advertise organic cotton, but instead consist of 100 percent organic cotton and, ideally, say where exactly the organic cotton comes from. This is what the manufacturer does, for example BOSS. The cotton of theBOSS boxer shorts made from sustainably sourced Egyptian stretch organic cotton come from the initiative CottonForLife, an Egyptian cotton plantation that focuses on sustainability in both plant cultivation and working conditions.

The brand also promises LivingCrafts Organic Textiles Boxer shorts made from 100 percent organic cotton. These are available from various online shops. On Amazon find the Boxer shorts LivingCrafts Ben. Another well-known manufacturer for sustainable products is Hessnatur. The Boxer shorts Hessnatur also promises 100 percent organic cotton.

Savana men's boxer shorts tested - perfect fit

What are the different versions of the boxer shorts?

First of all, the cut should be listed as the difference between the goods. On the one hand, there is the wide cut in this case. This is the classic shape that offers a lot of legroom above all. This variant is perfect as nightwear and under wide trousers. On the other hand, there is the tight cut. The legs and genitals have far less free space, but the shorts sit comfortably on and do not slip under clothing. In this case it should be noted whether theBoxer shorts only have a waistband around the waist or whether the pant legs are also provided with a rubber band. In this case, the shorts fit the legs even better and do not slip. Of course, a distinction must also be made between clothing for men, women and children in the cut.

Another area that can be differentiated in these goods is the choice of materials. In most cases, a blend of cotton and synthetic fiber is used. In some cases, however, the pants are also made entirely of one material, such as the named cotton. It is important to ensure that customers choose products made from materials that have the desired properties. Cotton, for example, ensures a high level of comfort because moisture and heat are more easily transported away. The synthetic fiber products, on the other hand, are much more durable and last longer.

Just as important as the choice of material is of course the appearance of the shorts. These are available, among other things, in uniform colors from black to white. There are also products that have samples. A check pattern in different colors is particularly common here. Furthermore, they are particularly suitable for children and young peopleBoxer shorts with pictures or motifs. These are often child-friendly images. It should also be mentioned that many of the pants have a specially designed waistband. Among other things, the name of the manufacturer or the fashion brand is printed here. The choice of optics is completely up to the customer in any case and should suit their taste.

Fourth, a distinction must be made between special trouser accessories such as a button opening or a special type of fabric. The erotic onesBoxer shorts For example, it can happen that a mesh is used that enables corresponding insights. This variant also features zippers or cutouts for the penis.

When choosing this special equipment, the main thing for the customer is to decide for which purpose he would like to use the shorts.

Finally, the costs have to be differentiated from theBoxer shorts. It should be noted here whether these are sold individually or as a set. When purchasing individual products, customers have the advantage of being able to choose exactly the shorts they need. For this, however, a higher purchase price is to be expected. It looks different with the sets, with those between two and fiveBoxer shorts to be sold at once. Here, customers can count on a better unit price, but the selection sometimes includes shorts that do not quite meet the requirements visually.

How are the shorts tested?

  • durability
  • lifespan
  • Comfort
  • function
  • Price-performance ratio
  • material
TheBoxer shorts should not wear out even after being worn and washed several times, but should be able to be used for as many years as possible. For this reason, the pants are subjected to a stress test in order to be able to determine when, for example, the fabric gives way or the elastic waistband expands too much. For this purpose, special machines are used that, for example, repeatedly stretch the waistband or always rub the fabric in the same place.
The lifespan is basically with thattest compare for durability. In thisProduct test however, it is more about determining whether the shorts will keep their appearance after years. Above all, it is tested whether the fabric does not show any discoloration even after being washed several times. In addition, the cut and fit should remain the same even after years.
A garment like thatBoxer shortsthat is worn directly on the skin should be as comfortable as possible. For this reason, thetest determines whether, for example, the elastic band adapts to every movement. Furthermore, the types of fabric used should enable good moisture and heat exchange. This means that the shorts can also be worn during sports without becoming uncomfortable due to moisture.
Depending on which model it is, it also has certain functions. To name here are, for example, the engagement or buttons on this opening. Of course, these functions must be able to be used without any problems to use theBoxer shorts can be used perfectly in every situation. The respective functions are tested in a long-term test to determine whether use suffers over time.
The costs incurred for such a garment should also be adapted to the services offered for the product. In the case of high-quality fabrics or functions, as well as a well-known brand, a higher purchase price is appropriate, whereas goods produced cheaply should also be offered more cheaply. Nevertheless, the quality of the shorts must not suffer from a lower purchase price.
When it comes to clothing, the material is an important aspect. Synthetic fibers, for example, are particularly durable, whereas natural fabrics offer greater comfort. in theTest 2021 a check is made as to which types of material theBoxer shorts exist and whether they meet the desired properties. Should new fabric mixtures come onto the market, these will of course also be sent directly to youtest subjected.

Savana men's boxer shorts tested - breathable material

What should be considered when buying boxer shorts?

The purchase of clothing items should always be completed carefully so that the respective products can be used for as long as possible. The same goes for them, of courseBoxer shorts. The following aspects must be considered when choosing this underwear. The look of the shorts is of course selected according to the wishes of the respective customer and can therefore always be different depending on the taste.

In any case, it is important to ensure that the products are color-fast. If this is not guaranteed, not only will the colors of the shorts fade, but other items of clothing in the washing machine can also be dyed during the washing process. Just as important is the alignment of the seams on the shorts.

Since these items of clothing are worn next to the skin, the seams in particular can quickly start to rub. Accordingly, these should not run over the area of ​​the tailbone or the hipbone, for example. Seams on the back of the shorts are also often annoying.

Furthermore, when making your selection, you must of course also pay attention to the fit of the entire product. This includes not only the general size of the shorts itself, but also the respective cut. First of all, customers should check whether the waistband of the pants can be easily stretched and thus adapts to every movement. On the other hand, the fabric itself should be able to stretch to a certain extent and not be stiff. In addition, the incision should offer enough space for the genital organs. Especially with men, there are correspondingly large differences that must be taken into account when making a selection in order to avoid pinching theBoxer shorts to prevent. Due to the fact that the goods cannot be tried on before buying, empirical values ​​should be used in this case.

When making the selection, the cost of the entire goods is of course also important. All customers who are only looking for normal underpants do not have to invest that much money. All interested parties who, on the other hand, always want the latest fashion, must expect higher costs. The comparison of the whole goods or the use of a special offer for theBoxer shorts but makes it possible to save some money on the purchase. As a result, the purchase should not be rushed, but completed in peace.

Finally, it makes sense to pay attention to the care instructions for the products. In this case, it makes sense if the maintenance is as simple as possible for theBoxer shorts easy to wash at any time. The care instructions are also important, for example, to know whether theBoxer shorts Can be washed as hot as possible to thoroughly remove all body residues and bacteria. In most cases, the necessary information can be found on the label or in the product description when buying on the Internet.

Which are the seven best boxer short manufacturers?

When choosing manufacturers in the clothing sector, it is not just about finding brands that are of high quality, but also have a significant name. Many customers choose accordingly to have theBoxer shorts can only be purchased from a certain brand, so that you can be sure that the garments are in line with the latest fashions and are therefore in line with the trend. Particularly popular brands and manufacturers in the field ofBoxer shorts are currently:

As already mentioned, these providers keep bringing new goods onto the market in order to always stay in trend. Customers who regularly find out about the latest fashions have it easy to choose the shorts that are particularly trendy. But in general, these brands also have a high quality of theBoxer shorts commanded. This ranges from the choice of material to the respective processing. It can therefore be assumed that these products from these manufacturers are comfortable to wear and have a long service life. It should also be mentioned that the prices for these goods are somewhat higher than for no-name products. The higher costs are justified by the good quality.

Savana men's boxer shorts tested - inspired by the physiological structure of men

Should the shorts be bought in specialist shops or on the Internet?

The purchase of clothing such as these shorts is available in numerous stores these days as well as on the Internet. Of course, each customer has to decide for himself which contact point offers the most advantages for him. It should be noted in the shops that in this case the buyer can always fall back on the advice of a professional. This helps, among other things, theBoxer shorts select which have the desired properties.

In this way, open questions can also be clarified particularly easily. Furthermore, it is of course allowed in the shops thatBoxer shorts to take a close look at. Only trying on is not necessary in most cases. In this way, the customers can get a direct picture of the goods. Finally, another plus point in the shops is that the goods can be taken home with you immediately after purchase. Then these only have to be washed and can sometimes be used on the same day.

On the other hand, it is necessary for customers to choose theBoxer shorts to use only the information provided. However, this information is so extensive that anyone interested should be able to get a high-quality picture of the shorts without any problems. The product descriptions and photos of the goods, which can be found in every online shop, must be specially named. You can also add customer ratings or reports to aTest 2021 as can be read through here on this page. Furthermore, when purchasing theBoxer shorts on the Internet to mention that customers can expect a much larger range than in specialist shops.

It is accordingly easier to choose special models or special designs that are rarely found in stores. Just as important is the fact that the costs in the network are usually cheaper than in specialist shops. Depending on the provider, it is possible to save between 10 and 20 percent on purchases. This applies even if the delivery of the goods causes costs. Finally, a very quick order can be expected via the Internet. Depending on the online shop, the shorts should reach the customer after one to two working days. The large selection and the low prices on the Internet make this point of contact particularly useful for buyingBoxer shortsso that online shopping should be used accordingly.

Savana men's boxer shorts tested - material: 95% modal, 5% elastane

Important dates and facts about the shorts

The elastic at theBoxer shorts is in most cases quilted several times and sewn directly to the trousers. It should be noted that these underpants almost always sit higher than the other variants and thus mark the belt line. TheBoxer shorts are offered in Germany in the following sizes:

  • XXS - waist circumference from 74 to 77 centimeters
  • XS - waist circumference from 78 to 81 centimeters
  • S - waist circumference from 82 to 85 centimeters
  • M - waist circumference from 86 to 89 centimeters
  • L - waist circumference from 90 to 94 centimeters
  • XL - waist circumference from 95 to 99 centimeters
  • XXL - waist circumference 100 to 104 centimeters
  • 3XL - waist circumference 105 to 109 centimeters
  • 4XL - waist circumference 110 to 114 centimeters

Depending on the type of elastic band at theBoxer shorts is used, it can be assumed that these can stretch more than the specified 3 to 4 centimeters (3 to 6 percent elongation). With certain shorts, a stretch of over 10 percent can be expected. This is especially the case with nightwear, which should be particularly comfortable.

For most models, as already mentioned, a mixed fabric can be expected. In this case, between 80 and 95 percent natural fibers are used. The remaining percentages are determined by fabrics such as elastane, for example. This means that not only the elastic waistband is stretchable, but also the entire pants themselves. Another important factor to consider when choosing the material is the weight of the shorts.

A product weight of between 80 and 200 grams is to be expected. This is how they fallBoxer shorts hardly disturbing and are often no longer noticeable under the actual pants. Finally, the prices have to be named, which can range between 2 and 10 euros for trousers, depending on the brand. In some cases there are also particularly expensive goods that can be booked for over 20 euros.

Impressions from our boxer shorts test

Savana men's boxer shorts tested - perfect for everyday life, for sports and for going out