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Say it with flowers

For a long time people have used flowers to make their Expressing feelings in a subtle way. It's a wonderful way to give your loved one a meaningful gift, and almost everyone is happy to have fresh flowers. Especially if these have been chosen with care. Although the Tradition of symbolic giving of flowers is probably not looked after so thoroughly today, it would be nice to have his or her loved one Confess feelings through the flowerright? In the following you will get to know the most important flowers with which you are delicate Love messages can send.

The classic - the rose

The classic flower for matters of the heart is that rose. When you send red roses to someone, you are sending with them clear signals. Depending on at which point your relationship this flower can mean anything from "I want to date you" to "I see you as more than just a friend" to "I want to be with you". Go in any case But rose beyond the platonic level. A good choice to send an unmistakable signal to the person you love. Pink roses are a part of this more playful and reserved as intense, passionate red roses, so more for them Flirt phase suitable.

With carnations, color matters

With the choice of flowers you can express your true feelings.

Another well-known love flower is the carnation. This is where she plays colour an important role: symbolize red carnations deep, devoted passion and eroticism, are the perfect choice for your lover. White carnations, on the other hand, stand for sweet, inexperienced love and are therefore ideally suited to frame a delicate flirtation and your Underline intentions. In pink, carnations are a symbol of intimate, sincere love. Therefore, your partner will be particularly happy about this variant.

The wedding flower - lilies for serious relationships

Lilies have always been characterized by strong symbolism. In a dating context, you should always give away white lilies, as the colored specimens express a rather negative attitude towards the recipient. Often times, brides receive this flower on Wedding day, because they basically have a pure, virtuous meaning underlying.

If you decide to give your loved one white lilies, you are expressing that you find this person very enchanting and that you are confident and trusting in your future together look. Lilies are full of Grace, grace and dignity And when you give this flower away, you are also giving these characteristics to the recipient. So you should choose lilies sooner if you already have one have reached a certain stage in your relationshipso that you are not too hasty. The lily has a noble, graceful aura around it.

Exoticism and sex - orchids are daring

Here you have all the facts about love and partnership at a glance. (Just click to enlarge)

The "queen of flowers", the orchid, is a robust plant of which there are more than 30,000 species worldwide gives. Their resilience and durability can be used as a metaphor for a long lasting, healthy relationship be interpreted. Orchids symbolize one profound longing, affection, beauty and fertility. Because of this weight of meaning, you should perhaps not choose orchids for non-binding dating events, but rather for your loved one. Furthermore lives Orchids always one certain exoticism inside, because most of the specimens are in Asian area to find. Accordingly, in this plant the honest love with fascinating, sensual eroticism - an exciting connection.

Flower confession: don't forget mine

The forget-me-not has obvious symbolism. The dainty, blue flowers are already in the Romantic era as the symbol of the "blue flower" to find that Longing and the pursuit of emotional expression includes. When you give this flower away, you are saying exactly what everyone understands: "Do not forget me.". That can be colored either positively or negatively. Negative, if it is one bittersweet farewell and you are still attached to the respective person (and want to make this clearly understandable to them). In a positive sense, the "forget mine not" can be used as Commitment to loyalty and sincere affection be understood. In any case, the shape of this flower is a symbol for delicate beauty, almost as beautiful as your loved one or your loved one.

Violets as an expression of shyness

The Petals of the violet can hardly be surpassed in tenderness. When your loved one or your loved one violet give, you are generally expressing Modesty, innocence and restraint out. You're in love but can't pronounce it yet because you either not ready or too shy yet are? Maybe you can get the sweet message the next time meeting deliver with a blue violet. Your counterpart will definitely be happy and yours Feelings reply.

Spring fever with the spring flower: tulips for dating

The color of the flowers plays an important role in the respective symbolism.

Last but not least: the tulip. In this country the cliché for flowers imported from the Netherlands and yet - or perhaps because of that - a flower that is often used when dating. Tulips are always about that Theme love, the exact meaning depends heavily on the color chosen.

As a spring flower, the tulips are also the themes New beginning, awakening and procreation underlying. Basically, you can start from the rule of thumb that the darker the color of the tulip, the deeper the feelings towards the recipient. If you choose red tulips, you are clearly showing yours binding, deep love to your counterpart. Pink tulips are a little less meaningful, although their meaning also sends clear signals. Yellow tulips express themselves through their sunny color Optimism and happiness in terms of your flirt. Blue and white tulips stand for loyalty.


The symbolism of flowers is a broad field. It can be very interesting to study this matter in depth. Depending on how you do combine different flowers, can have completely new meanings, yes whole stories surrender. Provided that your recipient knows Language of flowers reading, a real game can develop out of it, in which you send flower arrangements to each other and have to guess what each person is trying to express. No matter how you give the flowers away - for the future you now know that there is a special meaning behind each one, which you should think about beforehand.


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