How do Christmas lights emit different colors?

How many lights for my Christmas tree

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Read our guide and find the right lighting for your tree.

Whether an artificial tree or a real fir tree: every tree deserves to shine during the Christmas season. Just follow our practical guide so that your tree also shines with the right Christmas lights.

How long should the fairy lights for my tree be?

A beautiful Christmas tree brings the Christmas spirit into the house. When it comes to decorating, it depends on your personal taste. Whether colorful or simple and elegant, the Christmas tree fairy lights should be in harmony with your chosen color scheme. At Lights4fun we have lit many Christmas trees over the years and have put together a simple guide for the right tree lighting for you. Our rule is based on the length of the cable in relation to the tree height:

1.8m tree height - 15m lights
2.1m tree height - 20m lights
2.5m tree height - 25m lights

For a smaller tree, we recommend reducing the cable length or using a micro fairy lights so that the cable does not overwhelm the tree.
Check out our examples of lighting a 1.8m & 2.1m tree below.

Lighting for a 1.8m & 2.1m tree

We have selected the perfect lights for your Christmas tree for you. Traditional fairy lights can also be combined with candle fairy lights.

Classic fairy lights

Choose from a wide range of our versatile fairy lights different colors, lengths, power sources and the number of LEDs.

Cluster fairy lights

Lots of LEDs closely attached to each other create a garland effect.

Christmas tree candles fairy lights

The subtle, green brackets at the base of the candles allow them to be easily attached to the Christmas tree and ensure a traditional look.

Fairy lights with attachments

The LED is surrounded by a decorative attachment. Perfect to create an eye-catcher.

How many lights do I need for an outdoor tree?

When it comes to illuminating trees outdoors, we also have a practical rule of thumb for you. Use 10m lights per 1m tree height - this amount is ideal for a deciduous tree. In the case of a conifer, we recommend doubling the amount.

1m deciduous tree - 10m lights
2m deciduous tree - 20m lights

1m conifer - 20m lights
2m conifer - 40m lights

Conifers are often denser than deciduous trees and if you want to illuminate such a tree completely, you will need twice as much lights. Our connectable fairy lights are best suited for this, as you can always connect an additional fairy light with the rest in an emergency. As shown below, party fairy lights can also be used for tree lighting.

Whether inside or outside, colorful or warm white, large or small, candles or fairy lights - above all, your tree should reflect you. Put on the lighting that you like best and let it become the highlight of the living room or garden!