What is a data exchange integration service

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To do this, please proceed as follows:

1. Click on the menu button (symbol with 2 PCs and down arrow) in the top left of the PPR console
2. Select "Export Logs"
3. Now select the machines from which you want to collect the logs. Ideally the complete package.

4. Upload the logs to our FTP. To do this, please proceed as follows:
4.1. Pack the logs in a zip file "Firmenname_PPRLogs.zip" (e.g.)

4.3. Open the FTP client (e.g. "Filezilla") and connect as follows:
Address: ftp://master.paragon-software.com

You will then receive your username and password from our support.

4.4 Upload files

5. Let us know when you have uploaded the logs.


Windows Event Viewer (Optional, only if the support asks for it):

B) Also send us the following Windows events from the affected computer:

1) Open Windows Event Viewer (Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> View Event Logs).
2) Please open the "Windows protocols" folder, right-click on the "Application" section and select "Save all events as".
3) Please enter a unique rubric name "Application.evtx".
=> Now repeat these steps for the "Security" and "System" sections.