What are some homecoming tips

6 tips to make your homecoming easier after a long journey!

Coming home after a long journey. That can be pretty sobering at times. Of course you look forward to being at home, but on the other hand you quickly miss the freedom you had on the road. No obligations, no constraints. Just you and the world. To make coming home a little easier for you, I've put together my tips here, which have helped me a lot! Probably the nicest thing was to make a photo book!

If your journey is slowly coming to an end after a long time, then I am now with you completely. On the one hand there is the anticipation for family and friends, the regular café in the city and the shower that finally works again without any problems. On the other hand, there is an oppressive feeling in the chest. The latter can come from a lot: Be it the thought of having to leave the great, constant weather behind you, to give up part of your freedom and independence or to leave great people you were able to get to know.

  1. 6 tips for returning home after a long journey.
    1. Call your best friend and chat for a long time.
    2. Invite friends and family over to you.
    3. Cook your favorite international dishes.
    4. Make a photo book.
    5. Give a lecture.
    6. Plan your next trip.

Of course, there are 1,000 other reasons that make you run out of air a few days before you leave. Some look forward to being at home, but suddenly have a minor panic attack on the plane. And still others set foot on German soil after X months, still somehow unable to realize the whole thing, and only receive the blow in the pit of the stomach moments later.

So that you don't get hit by these lows for a long time, here are six tips that helped me when I got home to re-integrate more easily and to feel good again more quickly. Often it depends very much on my daily shape, but now I enjoy being back in Germany (even if the summer is so mixed ...).

6 tips for returning home after a long journey.

Call your best friend and chat for a long time.

... or meet him / her right away! Or preferably both.

Not only can you exchange ideas, be happy and have fun, you can also get rid of your worries and fears about your return.

With great tips from your friends, further plans and appointments in your luggage, you will be in a better mood and you will know why it is nice to be home again!

Invite friends and family over to you.

The best remedy for wanderlust: organize a family and / or friend get-together!

It's so nice to see everyone at once again, to have good conversations, to tell many stories and to shed tears of joy.

And the best: the closer you are, the nicer it is to listen to the chaos of the various conversations. I always really enjoy something like this. It makes me feel right in the middle of it all, surrounded by dear family members and friends who can be relied on anytime and anywhere.

Cook your favorite international dishes.

Oh yes, and how that helps! The first week at home we had curries, fried rice, lots of delicious vegetables and dishes that we got to know on the way. In addition, there were also long-awaited items such as pretzels and a delicious snack!

Of course, it is even better if you cook your favorite dishes for your friends and family. Let them participate in your culinary delights, in your funny and unbelievable stories about this dish, the country or the mentality of the locals!

Delicious, delicious, Asian! The many different recipes in this book are just awesome - especially the Thai delicacies!

My cookbook recommendation for you:The big book of Asian cuisine.

An incredibly great book that we received as a gift after our Thailand vacation in 2014. In it you will find delicious food from all over Southeast Asia, which we appreciate even more after almost 8 months on site. Simply melt away!

Pssst: The Green Curry recipe is awesome! Tastes - with good curry paste from the Asian market (not the bland pastes from the supermarket) - like the original in Thailand!

Make a photo book.

After more than four weeks back home, the hustle and bustle surrounding our return has almost subsided. You have seen family and friends again, the neighbors also know and maybe your work is already under control again.

But so that you can really revel in memories again and draw on your experiences, impressions and stories, make yourself a photo album or a cool photo book (e.g. from CEWE)! With this you can keep all the great moments forever, you can take it out of the shelf and rummage through it at any time.

My husband and I have been enthusiastic about the service and quality of CEWE photo books since 2009. The cool thing about it: You can have your mementos (including posters, calendars, etc.) either conveniently sent to your home or to one of the many pick-up stations.

In every photo book you should of course also include photos on which you look stupid, sweaty or just finished! Yep The memories associated with these photos are too good: a hike, an excursion or a fun evening with new friends. Oh: And that was the incredibly good restaurant that put an incredibly spicy dish under my nose, even though I had said "medium spicy" ...

And don't forget: insert photos of travel acquaintances and friends! The best thing to do is to write about where you met and what you did. Ideally, of course, you would have swapped cell phone numbers or made friends on Facebook so that nothing stands in the way of mutual visits!

My advice:

A self-designed photo book is a great memento for vacations, trips & Co.!

If you have a creative streak and want to hand it over again, arm yourself with printed photos, colorful pens and stickers and design your very own, personal photo album. Each page is individually described, pasted and spruced up!

Give a lecture.

Family, friends, the neighbors, and a few other people from your community or city know that you've been out. And many others would be delighted if they had known!

Why not just give a lecture on site in which you show with lots of photos how your trip was? What funny stories you have experienced, what you ate everything and especially where you ate! Show photos of locals and how they live, how you used to live.

You will quickly find out that a lot of people are enthusiastic about travel reports and will be happy to attend your lecture!

You will get to know people who admire you for your courage and for whom you may also be a role model and contact person. Nothing is cooler than sharing your travel knowledge and experiences!

Plan your next trip.

Naturally! Nothing is more fun than thinking about the next trip.

Regardless of whether you are planning to be on the road (again) for a longer period or are looking for a two or three-week vacation: it never hurts to hunt for bargains. Spontaneously a city trip or a cheap one-way flight to somewhere - plan it or even better: nail it down!

How about you: What things would you do to distract yourself from wanderlust? And of course, in this sense, I wish you a "safe return home"!

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