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Mortgage brokers as an alternative to visiting a branch at the house bank





Gone are the days when you had to walk from bank to bank for a home loan. Construction financing through independent mortgage brokers has become a matter of course today. As a customer, you save time and money. This trend - according to which traditional branches are losing market share in mortgage lending and mortgage brokers independent of banks - is continuing more and more.
Because this is how you benefit from mortgage lending:

· Best conditions
As a professional mortgage broker, we save our customers the haggling with the house bank. We work with a renowned and independent online mortgage platform for private construction financing ("B2B"). Together we take on many classic banking activities today: customer advice and support, compiling the loan file, entering the complete loan application with valuation, credit check and subsequent transfer of the data via interfaces directly to the banks' computers. In this way, we screen the entire market and send a large number of the best banks to compete for the construction finance of our customers. We don't have an expensive branch network and no pushy sales force. We work lean and at low cost. The result: On average, the offers are around 0.5% below the condition of your house bank.

· Independent product selection

Instead of going from bank to bank ourselves and having to answer the same questions over and over again, we will look for the best offer for you independently.

· Competent consulting
You do not have to do without individual advice: As your personal mortgage advisor, we will advise you competently and independently. So you get the optimal solution for your financing.

· Which equity should or must one bring for financing?
If you do not have the necessary equity, you do not have to put your dream of your own home back. We finance up to a maximum of 110 percent of the purchase price, including the ancillary costs.

· Refiners can save a lot of money.
Property owners whose financing is due to be renewed in the next one to three years should create interest rate security now for the future. In a special offer, there are until further notice loans for employees without the usual interest surcharges of up to 0.5% p.a. !!! Interest savings: a few thousand EUR !!!

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