How can I save the phone battery

Android Save battery with Android - that's how it works


You can actually take a few measures to ensure that the battery of your Android smartphone lasts a little longer than just a few hours. We have put together 10 tips that will help keep your smartphone battery from running out of power.

10 tips for Android to save battery life:

  1. Restrict background apps:
    You can use your smartphone battery very easily optimizeby using the im Background running apps restrict. For example, you can set the apps in closed state not on the internet can access. You can do this under "Settings" and "Apps" (in the area "device") to edit.

  2. Set brightness and time until idle state:
    In the settings of your smartphone you can go to "brightness" in the area "device"Adjust the screen brightness. To save your battery, you should use the Turn the brightness down completely. Also the adaptive brightness can doom your battery, especially on darker days. In order to limit the power consumption here too, turn off adaptive brightness. You should also set a time after which your Screen turns off automatically. You can also find this setting under "brightness" and "Hibernation". In order to save as much battery as possible, the time until the screen turns off automatically as low as possible be.
    But be careful: Some apps are set so that they do not turn off the screen while they are being used. This includes, for example, the YouTube app.

  3. Switching off internet use in standby mode:
    You can also use the Internet use when the screen is off limit to save battery. To automatically switch off the Internet or WLAN in standby, you have to switch to the Settings walk. In the area "Wireless & networks"find the point"WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS". If you tap this and then in the upper right corner the Gear icon select, access the Wi-Fi settings. Here you will find the sub-item "Leave WLAN activated in idle modeWith this you can set that the WLAN should always be switched on in sleep mode, always switched off or only switched on when the smartphone is connected to the power.

  4. Switching off unused functions:
    To save battery, you can also Switch off unused functions. These include Bluetooth and GPS over the WiFi. The regular GPS function without WLAN is, however, consuming not much electricitySo you can still leave it on. It also costs a lot of electricity, one Wi-Fi hotspot to open. So if possible, you should also do the Deactivate the hotspot function.

  5. Turn on power saving mode or airplane mode:
    Also, you have from Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) the possibility of the Switch on the power saving mode manually. In older devices, this only switches on automatically when the Battery level below 15% has fallen. Find out which Android version is installed on your smartphone here. To the Switch on power saving mode, call the Settings Your Android device. Select the sub-item "battery pack" in the area "device"off. Here you have the option"power saving mode". You can set when this is activated should be - i.e. only if the battery remains below 15%, permanently or never. Alternatively, you can also use the Flight mode switch on to save battery power.

  6. Check battery consumption of apps and delete power guzzlers:
    To give you a basic overview of the Battery usage of your apps to procure, call your smartphoneSettings on. There you select the sub-item "battery pack" in the area "device"off. Here tap on"Battery consumption"or the Consumption displayto show you a detailed history. You should also think about Delete apps that use a lot of power. These include, for example, the VR apps for Occulus Rift, which are automatically installed with updates on the latest Samsung models.

  7. Deactivate automatic account synchronization:
    Another power guzzler is that automatic account synchronization, for example from your registered Google account. To deactivate account synchronization, go to the Settings Your Android smartphone. Select the point "Accounts" in the area "Users"off. Now if you click on the three points tap at the top right, you can tick the "Synchronize data automatically"Take out. A window opens that asks:"Deactivate automatic synchronization". Choose "OK"to turn off synchronization.

  8. Only minimize apps:
    A common misconception, however, is that Apps use less energyif you close it again immediately after use. This is not right. If you have a Just minimize the app and not close, it consumes no electricity at all. Only when you reopen the apps draw the battery again.

  9. Do not let your smartphone charge overnight:
    Some experts also recommend using the smartphone better not overnight to charge. Because the permanent power supply ensures a 100% charged smartphone Overload of the battery. This means your battery can get hot and wear out faster.

  10. Battery saving apps:
    There are lots of appsthat can help you save battery life. These apps include BatteryTime Lite, iBattery Pro or Yabawi. These apps identify power guzzlers and warn you before your smartphone runs out of juice.