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Cologne is a city of superlatives in several ways. With more than a million inhabitants, it is number one in North Rhine-Westphalia and the undisputed largest city in western Germany. Furthermore, hardly any other city is as old as “Holy Cologne” and can therefore look back on such a rich history. This results, among other things, from the location directly on the Rhine and the associated location advantages. The Romans were the first to discover this and founded "Colonia Aggripina" in 38 BC. Mind you: it was not a simple camp, but soon a real city in the north of the Roman Empire, which functioned as an important diocese and spa town of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation even after its fall. Cologne was a Hanseatic city and one of the largest metropolises in Europe during the Middle Ages. To this day, various romantic churches testify to the importance and of course Cologne Cathedral, with its 157 meters height, is the second largest church in the world. The Three Wise Men are buried here, but not only is it worth visiting the churches, but also strolling through the old town and a detour to one of the many well-known art museums. Today Cologne is characterized by diversity and is home to the largest German university as well as many media companies and, of course, industry.

In economic terms, Cologne stands for both media groups and automobile manufacturing. There is also a producer of specialty chemicals on site and a large retail group should not be left unmentioned. The university has existed since 1388 and, of course, tourists always find their way to the particularly hospitable metropolis on the Rhine. This is reached via the airport and the ICE train station as well as numerous motorways, namely the A1, A3 and A4 as the Cologne Ring, as well as the A57, A59 and A555.

At Budde Automobile we are also happy to serve our customers from Cologne. A short drive to the Sauerland makes perfect sense, because with us you can enjoy the many advantages of a family business. Competence is in abundance, because after all, we have been practicing our profession for more than 25 years. In addition, in addition to sales, we also operate a master workshop and carry out repairs and inspections for you.

The Ford Puma is a living legend. The vehicle with the predator name was already offered under this name from 1997 to 2001, but as a small sports car or coupé. The new edition followed in 2020, clearly orienting itself towards the zeitgeist and integrating SUV genes. The Puma has remained small and the model is also sporty. Further characteristics are the many lifestyle aspects in the design and extremely sustainable engines. For the city, it is one of the stars in the Cologne manufacturer's program.

The Ford Puma in numbers

4.19 meters in length place the Ford Puma cleverly between the class of small cars and the compact range. One could also speak of a mini SUV that deliberately sets itself apart from the Fiesta with a difference of 15 centimeters. Thanks to a width of 1.81 meters and a height of up to 1.54 meters, there is sufficient space in the interior. A special feature is called "Megabox" and stands for an 80 liter waterproof underfloor container inside the trunk, which can be cleaned easily and has its own drain valve. It is also possible to transport soiled objects. Overall, the trunk offers 456 liters and whoever folds down the rear seats brings it to 1,216 liters. It goes without saying that these are divided asymmetrically.

The Puma is powered by various gasoline and diesel engines, which bring a remarkably wide range of power to the road. The entry is in the 1.0 EcoBoost with 95 or 125 PS, above that ranks the hybrid variant with 125 or 155 PS and those who want a diesel get it with 120 PS. The top engine is the Ford Puma ST, which has an impressive 200 hp and speeds to 100 km / h in just 6.7 seconds. Driving is always with front-wheel drive, usually shifted manually or with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Puma extras

The Ford Puma is already delighted when it is loaded. The model has a tailgate with sensor control and can therefore also be packed hands-free. The trailer hitch can be removed and roof rails are also provided. Inside you sit a little higher and enjoy lumbar support as well as a massage function and seat heating. The little predator also offers automatic air conditioning and a SYNC3. The latter works with a 12.3 inch touch display and can also be operated via voice. Mobile internet goes without saying thanks to smartphone integration.

Safety of the Ford Puma

When it comes to safety, the little Puma is uncompromising. The focus is on the Co-Pilot 360 and thus a system that uses a series of assistants. Mention should be made of an ACC with speed limiter, an assistant for keeping in lane and a cross traffic assistant. In addition, the Puma works with a blind spot warning system and a cloud-based warning system. Extras such as an emergency brake assistant or an evasive assistant are self-evident and of course the Puma also allows the setting of individual driving modes and thus a sporty driving style as well as the driving modes "normal", "eco", "slippery" or "unpaved road". The convenience is rounded off by a reversing camera and a parking assistant.