You can follow anonymously on Instagram

Instagram story: it's that easy to watch anonymously

In times of digital transparency, it is becoming more and more difficult not to leave any footprints. For example, if we read our best friend's WhatsApp message without replying immediately, she is surprised at the two blue ticks and our silence. Or if we look at the Instagram story of the ex-colleague, to whom you never really had a special connection, the knowledge that you will find him more interesting than you once admitted. As you can see: digital transparency means: doing naked. But that doesn't always have to be the case - at least for Instagram stories there are three loopholes that allow users to watch the short clips without having to reveal it: Anonymity incoming. It's that easy:

1. The airplane mode trick
The function of the flog mode not only enables the battery to be charged quickly, but also a small reboot should the cell phone spin. Thanks to the flight mode, you can also view Instagram stories anonymously. This is how it works: Open Instagram and wait until all the stories have loaded. You can tell by the colorful circle that surrounds the profile picture. Now you switch your smartphone to flight mode. This will cut the connection to the Internet via mobile data. You also have to manually switch off access to your W-LAN. Now you can view all fully loaded Instagram stories in your timeline without appearing in the "seen by" list of the person whose clips you viewed.

2. The blocking trick
The flight mode trick is the most convenient, but there are two other ways to watch stories anonymously. So you can watch the clip and then click on the profile of the user whose story you just watched. There is the option "Block". After 24 hours - if the story has been deleted, you can undo the blocking - you will not appear in any statistics and nobody will know that you have seen the story.

3. The preview trick
Open the Instagram app on your phone and click on the story that appears right in front of the one you want to watch anonymously. Click through the story to the last slide and then stop it. You can do this by tapping the screen with your thumb and "holding" the story. Carefully slide the "uninteresting" story to the left. The story that you actually want to see now appears like two sides of a cube as a small preview. If you push the uninteresting story out of your screen very slowly and carefully, you will be shown the first slide of the story that you actually want to see - but anonymously. Trick 17: Try the same trick with the story that is displayed AFTER the one you want to see - this way you can at least see the first and the last slide! Unfortunately, everything that happens between the two slides remains hidden from you.

4. The browser trick
Are you surfing Instagram from your computer with the Google Chrome browser? Perfect, then download the free extension "Chrome IG Stories" and you can view all Instagram stories anonymously and even save them on your PC. But be careful: this trick only works with desktop use and not on the smartphone.