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Dragon balls

The Dragon balls are seven magical crystal balls each created by a Namekian, with which one can summon a sacred dragon named Shenlong, who can fulfill every imaginable wish.

Appearance and texture

The Dragon Balls are almost indestructible, orange-colored crystal balls, the earthly ones are about the size of a hand, the Namekian ones are, according to Bulma's estimates, at least 10 times larger than the earthly ones. Even though they are very hard, Yajirobi managed to drill a hole through a ball to hang around his neck. Red stars can be seen inside. Each Dragon Ball has its own number of stars (from one to seven), so that the Dragon Balls can be clearly named after their number.

Due to their radiation, the Dragon Balls can be located using the Dragon Radar invented by Bulma. After Freezer and his troops through Vegeta's attempt to get to the earthly Dragon Balls with Nappa.

After the sacred dragon has fulfilled the maximum number of wishes, the Dragon Balls spread over the whole world and turn into lifeless stones for a year for a certain time. During this time they also do not enter any radiation, so that the search for them can only be started again when they have changed back again. In the case of the earthly Dragon Balls, the time span is an earthly year, in the Namekian a Namekian year, which corresponds to 130 earthly days.[1]


The basic requirement to call the holy dragon is to collect all seven Dragon Balls, regardless of whether they are the Dragon Balls created by God, the Elder of the Namek or Piccolo.

The dragon is then conjured up with a magical formula, and once the dragon has appeared, you can express your wishes freely, provided you can express yourself in a way that is understandable for him. So it is neither possible for Freezer to summon the dragon Polunga, nor to fulfill his wish for immortality, because one would have to do all this in Namekian, which Freezer is not able to do.


Earthly Dragon Balls

The God-made Dragon Balls make it possible to call the holy dragon Shenlong. Over the many centuries in which God lived, it was always only possible to address a single wish to the dragon, which the dragon fulfilled according to its possibilities. So it is quite possible to wish for the ruler of the world, as Pilaf intended. Nevertheless, there are certain limits to what you want. So it is not possible for the dragon to bring someone who has died back to life who:

  • has been dead for more than a year
  • has already been resurrected by him
  • died of natural causes.

Also, it is not possible to stop someone with a wish that is stronger than the dragon itself.

These limitations remained after Dende recreated the dragon, which was necessary because God had united with Piccolo to bring Dr. GerosCyborgs. Over time, Dende made Shenlong more powerful so that whoever summoned him was able to express multiple wishes. When Son Goku and Vegeta defeated Buu in the afterlife, the dragon was able to grant three wishes.

Namekian Dragon Balls

The sacred dragon Polunga, who can be summoned with the Namekian Dragon Balls, is able to grant three wishes. They are also able to resuscitate people who have died more than a year, even if only one person per request.

Black Star Dragon Balls

The dragon called up with the Black Star Dragon Balls is able to fulfill a single wish and that without restrictions. But if the wish is fulfilled, the Dragon Ball scatter all over the universe and if you don't bring them back to earth within a year, the earth will be destroyed.

Fulfilled wishes

Earthly Dragon Balls

Shenlong complied:

  • Oolong's desire for women's panties.[1]
  • The resuscitation of Upa's father after he was killed by Tao Pai Pai.[2]
  • To make the devil Piccolo young and strong again, as he got old and weaker over time.
  • The resuscitation of Kuririn and Chaozu after they were killed by Piccolo and his henchmen, and Muten-Roshi, who died after a failed Mafuba.[3]
  • Muten-Roshi's, Bulma's and Kuririn's wish to revive Son-Goku after he was killed by Piccolo in the fight against Raditz.[4]
  • All opponents killed by Freezer and his troops, including all humans, Namekians and also Vegeta.[5][6]

After Dende took over the position as god of the earth, he equipped the earthly dragon according to the example of the Namekian with the possibility of fulfilling several wishes.

  • To revive everyone killed by Cell, as well as Kuririn's desire to disable the self-destruct mechanisms of C-17 and C-18.
  • To revive all people killed by Boo, as well as restore the earth. Subsequently, Shenlong gave Son-Goku the strength necessary to control the final Genkidama in the fight against Majin Boo. After the fight, the bad memories of the demon were taken from everyone so that he could live in peace on earth.

Shenlong was unable to fulfill the following expressed requests:

  • Kuririn's desire to dissuade the Saiyan - Nappa and Vegeta - from their invasion.
  • Kuririn's desire to turn 17 and 18 back into humans.

Namekian Dragon Balls

Polunga fulfilled:

He could not fulfill:

  • To bring Son-Goku's soul back to earth after the destruction of Namek and then to revive him there, since Son-Goku had already escaped the destruction of the planet and was thus alive.

Black Star Dragon Balls

  • Son Goku becomes a little boy.
  • Baby's desire to restore Tsufuru.

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