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Kansbahal - Kansbahal

Kansbahal is a modern industrial city in the Indian state of Odisha. It is located on State Highway No. 10, about 25 km from the capital, Rourkela. and on the main railway line between Howrah (Kolkata) and CST / Kurla (Mumbai). Kansbahal is under the jurisdiction of the Rourkela Municipal Corporation.


Kansbahal remained a little-known tribal village and wooded area in the Sundargarh district of Odisha until it saw the establishment of Utkal Machinery Limited (UTMAL), a heavy machinery company that primarily owned the Rourkela Steel Mill (RSP) of India Limited's Steel Authority (SAIL). Utkal Machinery Limited soon evolved into Larsen and Toubros Heavy Engineering Works.


Kansbahal is rich in naturally beautiful and man-made locations, including Mandira Dam in the northwest, Water Point in the north, Pitamahal Dam in the southeast, and Kansbahal Dam in the south, which are great for picnic spots. Two rivers that flow from Kansbahal - Ghoghar River and Sankh River, with the Ghoghar River eventually merging into the Sankh River.

The Sankh River flows downstream into the Koyal River at Vedvyas and gives rise to the famous Brahmani River, Odisha. It is believed that the legendary sage Vedavyas lived in the caves and in the forest area by the river before the epic Mahabharat was written.

Outside the L&T community, a civil community called Bhilaigarh Colony has emerged. It has almost the latest facilities like concrete streets, phone lines, electricity and most importantly a peace-loving society of vintage personalities who have pulled back from the works of L&T Kansbahal.


Today Kansbahal is a modern parish - a planned mini-town for its employees. Resources were put into developing the unknown place into an ideal city. The projects included the accommodation of over 1,000 employees and their families, schools, medical facilities, transportation, road networks and recreational facilities such as the larger RSP, and attracted rich talent from across the country. This helped Kansbahal become a culturally rich and diverse community.

While L&T Kansbahal Works has seen ups and downs due to changes in the structure of L&T Ltd., the economy of the region and that of the country, the place itself has quickly evolved into a modern mini-town comparable in many ways is with those in developed countries. Many smaller communities have developed around and outside of Kansbahal due to the growing importance of Kansbahal. The schools here, largely supported by L&T, have played a very important role in the development of the entire region. Previously, the Montfort School Complex was the local high school. It prides itself on offering regular courses up to level 10 + 2 in three different languages ​​- English, Hindi and Odiya - a unique feature not found anywhere else in the region. The generations who studied at the Montfort School Complex are now housed in key locations in India and abroad. At the moment DAV has assumed the same responsibility.

The L&T community factory site is divided into two main sections - the north colony and the south colony. Other smaller sections are Old Colony, New Colony, LIC Colony, New LIC Colony, Central Colony, Security Colony, Teachers Colony, RS Colony, Gwalapada and Mehtab Road, Bilaigarh. For guests there is a fully furnished AC Guest House in the North Colony. All schools are located in the south colony. The DAV Public School (formerly the Montfort School Complex) and the Utmal School each have two soccer fields. All major sporting events take place on one or more of these sites.

The residents of L&T Township actively participate in various cultural and recreational activities in the many clubs of Kansbahal. These include the North Colony Club, South Colony Club, Utkal Jyoti, Milani Club, Gunjan Club, Kansbahal Kala Kendra, and the Mahila Samiti.


Kansbahal Railway Station on the Tatanagar-Bilaspur section of the Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line is located in the southern end of the L&T Township during the SH 10 through the Mahtob road area on the northern end.


The Indian Institute of Production Management (IIPM), formerly the Indian Institute of Foreman Training (IIFT), is another internationally recognized institute in Kansbahal. IIPM is designed to train professionals from India and abroad in advanced industrial fields. IIPM was founded in 1983 by ICICI Limited with the active support of L&T Ltd and the Government of Odisha. In cooperation with L&T, ICICI and Usha Martin, IIPM set up a B-School called the IIPM School of Management under the Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT) in 2007. This B school is also recognized by AICTE. On October 24, 2008, the IIPM completed 25 years of its glorious existence.

The Purushottam Institute of Engineering and Technology is a BPUT affiliated B.Tech Engineering College in Mandiakudar. Mandiakudar is a small village that has become increasingly popular due to its proximity to engineering schools. There are currently two institutes in Mandiakudar on the same campus as Purushottam Vihar . The Purushottam School of Engineering and Technology is one of the graduate engineering schools in Mandiakudar on the Purushottam Vihar campus. This college is affiliated with SCTE & VT, which opened in 2008. Mandiakudar has good bus connections via national road 24 to the cities of Rourkela and Sambalpur. There is a small post office on the Purushottam Vihar Campus run by the Indian Post Office with hostels for boys and girls studying at this engineering school. The Purushottam Vihar Campus is half a kilometer from the IIPM School of Management and 1 km from Kansbahal.


The secondary schools are Utmal English Primary School, DAV Public School (formerly Montfort School), Kansbahal Upper Primary School, Karlakhaman School, Panchayat School and Laing School (Bimala Devi High School).


The shrines are the Ghoghar Temple from ancient times and the relatively young ones, the Jagannath Temple near the Kansbahal Train Station, the Ayyappa Temple (near the Ghoghar Temple) Ganesh and the Hanuman Temples in the central colony, Gurudwara on Station Road (South Colony), St. Joseph's Church near the DAV School (formerly Montfort School Complex) in the New Colony, (GEL) Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church in the RS Colony, Trinath Mandir in the South Colony and Sunnit Jamma Masjid in Bhilaigarh.