Which companies are already using iBeacons?

22 beacon startups you should know

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These tiny little radio transmitters are so inconspicuous and yet so relevant. It is the so-called beacons that are transforming stationary retail - and not just retail - into a digital world. The transmitters based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are particularly popular for marketing purposes. We picked out 22 companies that you should have heard about in this context.


The startup is actually known for its WLAN solution for homes and businesses. But Airfy also offers beacons that, for example, completely network your own four walls: Smart Home. The Munich company was founded by Mona and Steffen Siewert.


With a focus on the business area, Appack develops apps of all kinds. According to its own statements, the Mannheim company offers the first app platform with its own iBeacon integration. Location-based services are a focus of app development.


The spin-off from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern specializes in beacons, especially in trade fairs, and develops appropriate concepts with customers for this purpose. But Asandoo also features other indoor navigation systems and its own emergency call system.


Known above all for the product scanner app, Barcoo now also offers its own beacon solution. Dealers should be able to provide their customers with suitable offers on site: In-Store Mobile Marketing. Tens of millions of app downloads are ideal conditions.

barcoo beacons


The Berlin startup, founded in 2013, offers the all-round carefree package for beacon lovers. Both hardware and software solutions are in BEACONinside's repertoire. McDonald's already used BEACONinside's beacons.


Together with the catering company Mook Group, the tech company has developed an iBeacon app - planned as a white label solution - that is based on a gamification approach when checking in inside the restaurant - similar to Foursquare, but automatically.


The beacons of the US start-up are particularly characterized by the fact that they are small and can be attached almost anywhere. This makes them a bit similar to the NFC stickers, while the Estimote beacons are of course not dependent on immediate proximity or contact.


The company from Bamberg also relies on beacon technology for the "unique shopping experience". Since the beginning of the year, Favendo has been relying on a strategic partnership with BEACONinside to round off the offerings of both startups.


The provider of location-based services belonging to the E-Plus group is mainly known for the bargain deals. Gettings is particularly active in Düsseldorf. There, the startup wants to equip 150 stationary shops with beacons in order to bring location-based offers to the people.


As the name suggests, the Austrians take care of the perfect indoor navigation. For this, indoo.rs not only relies on beacons, but also on WiFi, magnetic fields and other sensors in the smartphone.


IntelliAd's hobbyhorse is the platform for online marketing. Since 2013, the Munich-based company has been using its own beacon technology, which is intended to merge online and offline marketing activities. A large-scale operation took place at the dmexco digital economy trade fair.


The focus of Minodes, a project by the Berlin startup machine Project A, is the analysis of offline marketing measures. With the Minodes technology, which is of course also based on beacons, retailers should get to know their customers better and - of course - increase sales.


The startup from Romania has developed a content management system that customers can use to manage their beacons. An app is also available. The system can be used with third-party as well as with your own OnyxBeacons.


The provider of the well-known bonus points is venturing into a new field. In addition to the integration of a mobile payment function in the bonus app, tests are also carried out with beacons. Oliver Bohl from Payback announced this at the German Retail Congress in autumn.


The Placed app, built by Aww Apps from Berlin, works with shortcuts to trigger certain actions at certain locations. The simple functionality is then made possible by the iBeacon technology.

Sensor mountain

The Berlin startup Sensorberg also relies on a comprehensive beacon solution that includes hardware and software. Everything aims to bring customers and companies together. As references, Sensorberg can show, among other things, the technology fair Cebit or the Sparkasse.


The Cologne-based web technology company primarily develops (mobile) web solutions for customers such as Douglas and Conrad. Last year, however, Sevenval entered the beacon field completely after a cooperation with Sensorberg and launched its own beacon app.


The US shopping app Shopkick has been beating a lot for itself in this country for a few months now. At the beginning of the year, over 3,600 stores - including Saturn and Media Markt, Douglas and Obi - were equipped with Beacon technology that communicates with customers.


Shopnow from Axel Springer Ideas also relies on customer loyalty through loyalty points. With the loyalty app, customers can collect points when making a purchase and convert them into rewards. The actually old concept makes the integration of beacons new.


The expert for mobile advertising Ströer is also involved in beacon technology - very big in fact. Together with Deutsche Bahn, they have opened the largest public beacon test field at Düsseldorf Central Station. The test phase will run until March 2015.


The Düsseldorf technology company takes care of all of its customers' marketing activities. The possibilities also include the small radio transmitters. Working with iBeacons at twt.de is based on Sensorberg's iBeacon technology.


Behind the Hamburg startup Yoints there is also a bonus app that is used in retail. With the help of installed beacons, users of the app can collect bonus points and take advantage of the offers displayed on their smartphones in the shop.


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