Killed Superman Shazam

The Batman who laughs

The Batman who laughs

Real name:

Bruce Wayne


The Batman who laughs


Servant of Barbatos
Dimensional traveler mass murderer


Has Batman's memories and intellect, but the Joker's personality


Different weapons
Knowledge of the multiverse
Photographic memory
Mastered numerous martial arts
Access to all information and spaces exclusively accessible to Bruce Wayne

Relatives / friends:

Grim Knight


Dark Knights

First appearance:

Dark Days: The Casting # 1

Created by:

Scott SnyderGreg Capullo


The Batman Who Laughs
Batman / Superman
Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen

"I'm not him in a bat costume. I am you."
―The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman who laughs (in the original The Batman Who Laughs) is a Bruce Wayne from an alternate reality who was poisoned by the dying Joker of his reality and thus became a mixture of Batman and Joker who went on the hunt for other Bruce Wayne.

Biography Edit source]

Creation of the Batman of Laughter Edit source]

In a fight between a Batman and a Joker in another dimension, Batman cannot dissuade the Joker from his new series of murders in the usual way and is forced to kill him, with gas escaping from the Joker's mouth. When Superman later tells him that Joker's "children", children he poisoned, had committed brutal murders, Batman, uncharacteristically, lets out a laugh. He later calls the Bat family to the Bath cave and tells them that the Joker had dissected his body. If he were killed, a gas would be released that would turn his killer into the next joker. While the others ponder where to take Batman, who was infected in the murder of the Joker, until a cure was found, Batman reveals the real reason for the meeting: his personality has already changed; he wanted to lure the Bat family into the cave to shoot them all.

After this massacre, he kills all Justice League members except Superman. He exposes him and his son to the effect of black kryptonite, whereby they first tear Louis Lane to pieces and then die themselves.

After all, Batman, who now calls himself "The Batman Who Laughs", has killed the entire world population with the exception of himself and the Robins, who have been transformed into Joker zombies. Then the bat god Barbatos appears to him and recruits him to kill other worlds with batmen.

Meeting with Batman Edit source]

At some point, The Batman Laughs lands on the earth of the "real" Batman. He kidnaps the Over-Monitor and plans to connect it to the Anti-Monitor and thus destroy all realities. In his preparations, he meets the Batman of this Reality while the Justic League attacks the allies of The Batman The Laugh, aided by Batmen from the Multiverse. The Batman Laughs shoots Batman, but is caught off guard by the Joker. He reveals that The Batman The Laughing has a weakness: he only thinks like Batman. And what Batman would never expect would be an alliance between him and the Joker, which, according to the Joker, is the first time since the "metamorphosis" of The Batman who laughs that he doesn't know what's coming. Still laughing, The Batman runs away from the Joker as the cave they are in collapses. Batman can barely save the Over-Monitor.

Return [edit | Edit source]

When the body of a man who appears to be a Bruce Wayne from an alternate reality in which he is happy is found, Batman concludes that The Batman The Laughing is still alive. Together with another alternate Batman named Death Knight, who always carries firearms, The Batman The Laughing breaks into Arkham Asylum to kill the Joker. This turns out to be dizziness after The Batman Who Laughs hit him in the skull. The real Joker dives into the bath cave and commits suicide in order to infect Batman with the gas in his body so that there is an equal opportunity between him and The Batman Who Laughs. Batman bursts into crazy laughter; he's infected.

Batman's ways and those of Batman's Laugh cross again when he tries to murder a Bruce Wayne in a world where he runs Blackgate Prison. The Batman Who Laughs, disguised as a security guard, kills this Bruce Wayne and shows Batman a face for the first time while making fun of Batman wanting to see the world through his children's eyes and seeing it through those of his real child - The Batman's Who Laughs.

Later he goes to the Council of Owls, where he first provokes the members. When they try to set their talons on him, The Laughing Batman reveals that he has torn the talons off the limbs. He then kills the members who are in room with him. From the council's databases he reads that one of Gotham's original purposes was not protection, but conquest. The trigger is the Last Laugh protocol. The Batman who Laughs makes sure it is activated.

When he wants to kill an alternate Bruce Wane again, The Batman Who Laughs is again put by Batman, whereby The Batman who laughs does not understand why Batman is still fighting against the poison. You meet at Wayne Manor. The Batman of Laughs accepts the invitation and fights Batman in Wayne Manor. In the process, The Batman The Laugh reveals that every Bruce Wayne he killed was happy in his own way, only Batman remains unhappy. Batman would not recognize any version of himself as happy. But Batman knows a Wayne he got: a little Bruce before his parents were murdered. The boy escapes The Batman Who Laughs, but he rams a syringe into Batman's chest.

The Batman The Laughs is now convinced that his "brother" would now become like him and, The Batman The Laughs wants to shoot himself when he realizes that Batman lied to him and has no intention of how to continue. After shooting Batman, he chases after the younger Bruce Wayne, but Alfred gets in his way and shoots The Batman The Laughing. He reveals to Alfred that his counterpart would still be alive on his earth and would stand by his side. The Batman The Laughing is attacked by the infected Batman, who activates the previously placed taser and electrocutes him. Under the influence of the poison, Batman brutally beats up Batman The Laughing, while the latter, when he realizes that his "brother" has gotten out of control due to the poison, tries to escape and yells for help. Batman thanks him with every blow for the feeling he felt when he was suddenly incapacitated by the Joker with a pistol. While Batman receives an antidote and the Last Laugh Protocol is halted by Commissioner Gordon and his son James Gordon Jr., The Batman Laughs ends up in a security cell in the Hall of Justice. Batman has a discussion with Alfred because he fears that The Batman The Laugh represents fear, that both Joker and Batman are right, that a man's actions are pointless and that the only meaningful act is to win.

Secret Six Edit source]

Batman and Superman learn from Commissioner Gordon that a boy is said to have been kidnapped, allegedly by a laughing Superman. The two find poisoned batarangs in the bath cave of The Batman The Laughing, which infect their target persons with a virus similar to the Batman The Laughing virus. You come across one of his monstrous robins, who, however, is actually Billy Batson alias Shazam, whom The Batman The Laughing has already poisoned with a batarang. Superman survives a fight with Shazam, but becomes infected with the poison, which he is able to keep under control. Batman sends Superman to the cell of The Batman Who Laughs, where he frees him. The Batman of Laughing decides to raid the Justice League's arsenal before escaping. Batman stands in the way of him and Superman, and the Batman Who Laughs reveals that he has not left his cell. Batman had created a projection because he did not fully trust Superman in his state. The Batman who laughs refuses to give the names of the infected. He would hardly shine them Batman in the sky. Batman correctly interprets this as an indication that Commissioner Gordon is another infected person. Batman and Superman later learn that in addition to Superman, Gordon and Shazam, Blue Beetle and Donna Troy were poisoned by Batman The Laughing.

In the Hall of Doom Edit source]

The Batman The Laugh is later imprisoned and interrogated by Lex Luthor in the Hall of Doom, the hideout of the Legion of Doom. Lex wants information about the cosmic being Perpetua from Batman The Laughing. The Joker dislikes this "alliance" so much that he calls Lex a condition for his support in his plans: The Batman The Laughing must not be there. In the end, the Joker even deceives the entire Legion, poisoning all members except Lex and explaining to him how he wanted to deceive and kill him, but he does not because it would be nothing against what The Batman would do to Lex. Luthor succeeds in recreating Perpetua's body and is recruited by her. Later, The Batman The Laughing escapes from his prison with the help of the Secret Six and wars with Luthor, until he finally gets Perpetua to dismiss Luthor from her service and offers herself to her as a new servant.

Dark Knights: Death Metal Edit source]

Together, The Batman The Laughing and Perpetua annihilate almost all worlds and universes. Batman manages to use the Black Lantern ring to bring to life deceased Batmen who kill the Batman The Laughing. However, his brain is being transferred to the body of the "Last Bruce Wayne" by other vicious Batmen who serve him, a Bruce Wayne who uses the powers of Dr. Manhattan, which makes the Batman Laughing almost omnipotent. As the first act, he destroys his followers and promises a surviving "Joker" -Robin power before he changes the color of his body from blue to black and declares himself to be the "Darkest Knight".

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