How is your trip to China

Your trip to China

Status 02-2021: There are still no tourist trips to China possible!

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Are you planning a trip to China? Then you are exactly right with me!

The following recommendations refer to the time “before Corona”. As soon as it is possible to travel to China again, all information will be updated!

An overview of the many possibilities that I can offer you to help:

Preparation and planning

Lists to download

China information on the Bambooblog

questions and answers

  • I am happy to answer emails with your questions!
  • Comments are also checked and answered on a daily basis.
  • There is a helpful group on Facebook (China Travel), in which your questions will be answered by many China connoisseurs and experts.

Work out your trip

I will also be happy to help you plan your trip to China and give you tips if you want to book hotels, tickets, etc. on your own. Since this means a considerable amount of time and work, I take € 50 for a detailed travel draft with links and information on booking options.

For most places I also have two tips for unusual excursions.

See also: China off the beaten track - where is that?

Your trip to China - organized by a professional!

I can also give you recommendations for a professionally organized trip to China with a good tour operator.

Advantages of a trip to China organized by a professional tour operator:

  • The trip is carried out according to the extensive German travel law.
  • Insolvency insurance included
  • Tested, good accommodations
  • If requested, well-trained German-speaking tour guides
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • You benefit from specially negotiated prices for accommodations
  • Insider knowledge
  • And last but not least: You save a lot of time and uncertainty

For your information request:

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Could I help you? Are you satisfied? Then I'll be happy about a small amount for my coffee cup! Thanks!

Or you book your hotel via the affiliate link of I earn a little from it, but it doesn't cost you anything extra. See sidebar.

Don't forget to tell us about your successful trip!

You can find out more about my own travels in China, as a backpacker and as a group tour, in this overview: China travel reports