How much should I weigh at 57

Here you can calculate your ideal weight

Your ideal weight or optimal weight is generally regulated by the classification of the World Health Organization (WHO).
The body mass index (BMI for short) is used worldwide as a classification.
For your ideal weight, the BMI value 18.50 is the limit for being underweight and the BMI value 24.99 is the limit for being overweight.
You will find below or in the “Body Mass Index Table” that the ideal or normal weight is a very flexible term in the international guidelines.
For example, a person who is 1.78 m tall and weighs 60 kg or 78 kg is in the “normal” range.

The ideal weight has a lot more to do with stature or body shape. Namely with the body shape that you like.

The formula for your ideal weight

You can use this formula to calculate the upper and lower limits of the ideal weight:

Lower limit [kg] = 18.5 x height [m] x height [m]
Upper limit [kg] = 24.99 x height [m] x height [m]
(Height [m] = height [cm] / 100)

Ideal weight table according to WHO

heightLower limit with BMI-18.50Means with BMI-22Upper limit with BMI -24.99
150 cm41.6 kg49.5 kg56.2 kg
152 cm42.7 kg50.8 kg57.7 kg
154 cm43.9 kg52.2 kg59.3 kg
156 cm45.0 kg53.5 kg60.8 kg
158 cm46.2 kg54.9 kg62.4 kg
160 cm47.4 kg56.3 kg64.0 kg
162 cm48.6 kg57.7 kg65.6 kg
164 cm49.8 kg59.2 kg67.2 kg
166 cm51.0 kg60.6 kg68.9 kg
168 cm52.2 kg62.1 kg70.5 kg
170 cm53.5 kg63.6 kg72.2 kg
172 cm54.7 kg65.1 kg73.9 kg
174 cm56.0 kg66.6 kg75.7 kg
176 cm57.3 kg68.1 kg77.4 kg
178 cm58.6 kg69.7 kg79.2 kg
180 cm59.9 kg71.3 kg81.0 kg
182 cm61.3 kg72.9 kg82.8 kg
184 cm62.6 kg74.5 kg84.6 kg
186 cm64.0 kg76.1 kg86.5 kg
188 cm65.4 kg77.8 kg88.3 kg
190 cm66.8 kg79.4 kg90.2 kg
192 cm68.2 kg81.1 kg92.1 kg
194 cm69.6 kg82.8 kg94.1 kg
196 cm71.1 kg84.5 kg96.0 kg
198 cm72.5 kg86.2 kg98.0 kg
200 cm74.0 kg88.0 kg100.0 kg
202 cm75.5 kg89.8 kg102.0 kg
204 cm77.0 kg91.6 kg104.0 kg
206 cm78.5 kg93.4 kg106.0 kg
208 cm80.0 kg95.2 kg108.1 kg
210 cm81.6 kg97.0 kg110.2 kg