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IT IN INDIA. Mike Heidrich, Business Unit Manager Industrial Communication Susanne Baumer, Corporate Communication


1 IT IN INDIA Mike Heidrich, Head of Industrial Communication Susanne Baumer, Corporate Communication Slide 1

2 Fraunhofer Institution for Systems of Communication Technology ESK Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rudi Knorr Head of the Institute for Communication Technology, University of Augsburg 69 employees Operating budget 4.87 million euros (Plan 2010) Chair for Communication Technology LKT Automotive Competence Areas Business Areas Enterprise & Carrier Communication Adaptive Communication Systems Software Methodology Industrial Communication Slide 2

3 The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Founded research institutions at around 40 locations Employees (2009) Research volume: approx. 1.5 billion euros (2009) Itzehoe Rostock 7 Associations of life sciences, microelectronics, surface technology and photonics, production of materials, components, information and communication technology, defense and security research Bremen Berlin Hanover Potsdam Braunschweig Teltow Nuthetal Paderborn Magdeburg Oberhausen Dortmund Cottbus Halle Leipzig Duisburg Schmallenberg Schkopau Dresden Erfurt Sankt Augustin Aachen Ilmenau Jena Euskirchen Chemnitz Darmstadt Würzburg Wertheim Kaiserslautern Erlangen St. Ingbert Fürth Saarbrücken Nuremberg Pfinztal Karlsruhe Stuttgart Freising Munich Freiburg Oberpfaffenhofen Churches Slide 3

4 Fraunhofer in India Global R&D is increasingly shifting to Asia, especially China and India Many well-trained workers at (still) low wage costs One of the fastest growing countries with a GDP of around 7% (2007) R&D landscape Good education: 163 universities, graduates 20 Indian Instituts of Technology (IITs) and other good universities Training with an IT focus: IIIT Bangalore, Mercedes Benz Research Institute, SAP India India invests in better integration of science and economy Indian companies are ready to pay for German R&D Slide 4

5 Subcontinent India Largest democracy in the world Strong regions Economic development and settlement policy is strongly regional Slide 5

6 Subcontinent India km from Delhi to Bangalore Airplanes are the choice when traveling within India Take plenty of time to travel in India km 3:20 flight hours Slide 6

7 Subcontinent India km from Delhi to Bangalore Airplanes are the choice when traveling within India Take plenty of time to travel in India Slide 7

8 subcontinent India km from Delhi to Bangalore Airplanes are the choice when traveling within India Take plenty of time to travel in India Slide 8

9 Why Invest in India? Emerging country with potential Hungry to develop Qualified workforce Developing domestic market Low culture barrier English is the official language Anglo-Saxon legal system Democracy Protective rights are respected No state-controlled industrial espionage Pricol, Coimbatore shield in Kannada, Hindi and English IISc, Bangalore Slide 9

10 Leadership quality and modern management methods Rico, Gurgaon AG, Gurgaon Slide 10

11 IT hot spots Gurgaon: Microsoft Research Center, Eon Technologies, Alcatel, Huges Software, GE Bengaluru Silicon Valley IT industry, especially in Electronic City, International Tech Park Bangalore Kolkatta Up-and-coming IT region Gurgaon Strong industrial region south of New Delhi Also automotive industry Indian Silicon Valley (33% of IT exports), including HP, Infosys, Patni Computer Systems, CGI, Siemens, SAP, Yokogawa Electric, Wipro 200 companies, including ADA Software, Brainware, Capgemini, GE, IBM, Siemens Information Systems, Tata Consultancy Slide 11

12 State-of-the-art IT campuses Slide 12

13 And great Amut Alt Delhi Agra slide 13

14 The elephant challenges us Great social disparity 44% live on less than $ 1 / day Indians rank fourth and fifth of the richest people in the world Many religions; Many cultures Infrastructure can be expanded: traffic chaos, power interruptions, drinking water quality One thing is still possible Negotiations need more and more meetings than expected Bureaucratic hurdles Clergy groups Slide 14

15 Nothing works without contacts Committees Ministry of Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology (DST) Global Innovative and Technology Alliance (GITA) Non-profit organization, supported by DST and other international science & technology cooperation programs Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) Slide 15

16 INDIANS ARE ... Slide 16

17 ... based on the community slide 17

18 ... spontaneous functionalists slide 18

19 ... available for institutions Slide 19

20 ... Master of Chaos Slide 20

21 Indians see solutions are functionalists are spontaneous are person-centered prefer indirect communication and avoid a no can deal with uncertainties contradict a supervisor are not involved in strong social networks have the price as a decision criterion expect a reward when fulfilling a contract Germans see problems are perfectionists plan are objective-oriented short, succinct, factual, directly specify exactly step on the factual level also higher positions are compared to individualists also value quality, threaten with penalties in case of non-fulfillment Slide 21

22 Germany and India 2011 is Germany year in India with many campaigns Since 2007: Indo-German Science Technology Center IGSTC in Delhi 2 + 2 projects are funded by the BMBF with 1.4 million euros (until 2012) Mobility programs Marketing for Germany e.g. with joint stands Invest in Bavaria (Bangalore) IMTEX 2010, Bangalore Supports bay. Companies involved in India Slide 22

23 Production Engineering India Germany Mobility funding program from the BMBF Objectives Frugal engineering: Access to new engineering approaches Recruiting: Establishing contact with universities (PSG College Coimbatore, IIIT-B, IIT-Madras, IISc) Experiences Universities are interested in cooperation in different ways of projects; Iteration loops; Iteration loops, ... slide 23

24 Success factors for working with Indians Frequent personal contacts Being presented Establishing a common basis at the beginning of the conversation Participation in trade fairs and presentations When choosing a trade fair, do not rely on the website but ask for personal experience Include Indians as partners and not see them as pure customers (shared sourcing) Slide 24

25 Susanne Baumer, Mike Heidrich, India is a challenge accept it! India is a venture join it! India is destination achieve it! India is a journey hit the road! Slide 25