How long has Johnson known Jennifer Arcuri

Boris Johnson: The supervisory authority should examine allegations of abuse of office

In addition to his anger with the planned Brexit, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now threatened with criminal investigations into allegations of abuse of office during his time as Mayor of London. The regional government of Greater London said it had asked the relevant regulatory authority IOPC to examine whether there were sufficient grounds for opening criminal proceedings against Johnson. The IOPC confirmed this and stated that the examination would "take time".

The regional government reacted to a report by the Sunday Times, according to which US entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri, who was friends with Johnson, received a total of £ 126,000 in public grants during Johnson's tenure as mayor from 2008 to 2016. In addition, the ex-model was preferred because of his friendly connections to Johnson on trips abroad by the then mayor. For example, Arcuri accompanied Johnson on three trips abroad as a member of the business delegation, even though she did not meet the official requirements, the company said Sunday Times out. In 2014, the US entrepreneur received 15,000 pounds from a funding pot for the settlement of foreign companies in Great Britain.

She received a further £ 100,000 from a subsidy for British companies in the same year when her company relocated to the USA. This payment was later frozen by the government. The Sunday Times also lists that Arcuris technology company Innotech was funded in 2013 with 10,000 pounds of public money and in 2014 with another 1,500 pounds. Johnson and Arcuri rejected any irregularities.

The British Prime Minister is already under pressure because of his Brexit course. He wants to exit the European Union, which has already been postponed twice, on October 31, if necessary without an agreement with the EU. However, the British Parliament passed a law intended to rule out a so-called no-deal Brexit. In addition, on Tuesday the country's highest court overturned Johnson's decision to put the UK Parliament on a forced break from September 10th to October 14th.