Can WordPress be hacked

WordPress hacked?

If your WordPress has been hacked, getting help quickly is important. You not only risk the Google rankings of your website and thus lost sales. In the worst case, the WordPress site can even pose a threat to visitors and infect their computers with malicious code or malware. So you better put the problem into competent hands right away.

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We clean infected WordPress projects

Has your WordPress installation been hacked? You will find out about it, for example, when your web host informs you. It is even worse if the WordPress site suddenly disappears on Google, or the warning «This website may have been hacked» appears there. Most of our customers found it worst when angry customers called because they received a virus warning when they visited the site.

We will help you quickly and competently and clean up your WordPress. In the first step, send us your request or give us a call. We'll take care of the rest and tell you what data we need from you.

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Quick help for WordPress sites

We clean up hacked and compromised WordPress sites discreetly, professionally and reliably.

Why you need quick help now

Your WordPress has been hacked. We encourage you to act quickly. The faster the website is cleaned, the lower the possible consequential damage. In addition to SEO ranking losses, you are particularly at risk of damage to your image.

This is a non-binding request for a WordPress cleanup and not a commission. We will contact you, take a look at the infection and give you an assessment of how to solve the problem. This step is free of charge for you.

What we need for WordPress cleanup

Above all, in order to clean up your WordPress, we need your trust. Because although we only know each other for a short time (or not at all), we need a number of accesses and passwords for your site. It goes without saying that we handle all data carefully and do not pass them on to third parties.

  • Detailed description of the error
  • If possible, screenshots
  • Access to the WordPress backend
  • Access via FTP and to the database
  • Access to your hoster (possibly)
  • All the passwords you need
  • If possible a current WP backup

How can WordPress even be hacked?

Most of the time, missing WordPress updates, outdated WP plugins and old PHP versions on the server are successful points of attack. And the installed theme can also be a risk. The hackers don't even need to know a password. PHP files are exchanged or additionally stored on the web space via security gaps. Malicious code is played on the server with which the attacker can ultimately take control of the system or even distribute malware.

Do hackers need to know the password?

Not necessarily. Insufficient length and complexity in the password is also used for attacks, simply by «trying it out» automatically. In most cases, however, hackers use direct security holes in WordPress' PHP files. Files poisoned with malicious code are then smuggled in via these, which in the next step give the attacker unrestricted access to the WP system. A single bad file on the web space is enough. Nevertheless, the following applies: check and protect your passwords as well as possible.

How can WordPress be made secure?

First of all, WordPress is a very secure system. However, back doors open through the installation of insecure plugins on a site and through outdated WordPress versions, i.e. missing updates. The WP theme also plays a role. A fully developed technical environment is also important, for example current PHP versions. That goes hand in hand, of course, because current scripting languages ​​require an up-to-date WordPress.

Depending on the requirements of the website, it is important to backup the FTP files and the database at least once a day. The backup cycle depends on how often content is updated. Sometimes, however, the backup is worthless. We have already looked after customers who had a current backup, but discovered the compromised system so late that the backup was also infected. In rare cases this can unfortunately mean that the website and the database can no longer be saved. So it makes perfect sense to use a security system that regularly monitors the status of the WordPress installation including the installed plugins.