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Microsoft Dynamics = cloud optimized ERP

Broaden your horizons with Cloud ERP

In the next 3 years (according to IDC and Gartner) the majority of customers of Dynamics Partners will implement cloud solutions somewhere in the company if they have not already done so. And if you don't support your customers with this, another partner will.


The cloud doesn't wait and your customers don't want to wait any longer either. If you support and offer ERP cloud solutions, this opens up new opportunities for your customers - those you have now and new customers who specifically want to go to the cloud.

Cloud ERP solutions for small, medium-sized and large customers

No matter how big your company is, the use of a cloud-based ERP system has many advantages for your company: Shift costs to OPEX and away from CAPEX; Scalability and the flexibility to implement new business requirements quickly as well as to stay up to date and to extend the lifespan of the ERP software far beyond any on-site installation. There are some cloud ERP providers out there, but Microsoft Dynamics ERP software in combination with ERP cloud hosting solutions from SaaSplaza defines the standard.

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Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions

Microsoft cloud solutions

Microsoft Dynamics is our mission at SaaSplaza. We are experts in using all the possibilities of the Microsoft cloud, including Office 365, Azure and subscription licensing. We integrate and deliver vertical solutions, because after all, the cloud means collaboration and flexibility, not only between people, but also with systems, processes and platforms.

As an Azure Circle Partner and one of the few Microsoft Gold Certified Hosting Partners specifically for Microsoft Dynamics, SaaSplaza works closely with Microsoft to deliver solutions for Microsoft Azure. You can set up multiple users in just a few minutes, add the customer-specific database and other applications and integrate with Office 365 if necessary, all with just a few clicks.

With our experience and expertise, you as a partner reduce the time, costs and risk for training your employees on Azure and cloud solutions for Microsoft Dynamics. When you partner with SaaSplaza, we'll do this work for you so you can focus on growing your cloud business.

What partners say

Cloud AX and DycoTrade commodity trading solutions

DycoTrade with its solution for raw materials trading integrated with Cloud AX from SaaSplaza combines Cloud ERP and the leading raw material trading software. DycoTrade has more than 30 Cloud AX customers, 5 of them are in the Fortune 500 index.

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