What is an integrated passive device

Environmental Pact Bavaria

What are passive devices?

Passive devices are those that only pass currents through. According to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, electrical and electronic devices are devices that are designed for operation with alternating voltage of no more than 1000 volts or direct voltage of no more than 1500 volts and

  • are dependent on electrical currents or electromagnetic fields for their proper operation or
  • serve to generate, transmit and measure electrical currents and electromagnetic fields.
Passive devices are, for example, antennas, adapters, jacks, plugs, sockets, sockets, assembled cables, switches, buttons and fuses. On the other hand, components (e.g. cables by the meter, wire end sleeves, ring cable lugs) are not in the scope of the ElektroG.

The passive devices will be assigned to categories 4 to 6. Manufacturers are required to register for this. The ear provides detailed information.

How are passive old devices recorded?

Passive devices must be disposed of like all other waste electrical and electronic equipment, namely separately from unsorted municipal waste and residual waste. Old devices can be handed in to dealers or distributors (take-back obligation only for sales areas or, with online or order dealers for storage and dispatch areas for electrical and electronic devices at least 400 m²) and the municipal recycling depots. For the disposal of larger, commercial quantities, reference is made to the IZU contribution on X-ray devices.

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