Is Stormy Daniels gay

West Hollywood: Mayor gives Stormy Daniel's keys to the city

Stormy Daniels is currently the most famous porn actress in the world because she allegedly chatted with Donald Trump twelve years ago (Image: CBS)

John J. Duran, the openly gay mayor of the Californian city of West Hollywood, presented 39-year-old porn actress Stormy Daniels with the key to the city on Wednesday in a sex shop on Santa Monica Boulevard operated by drag queen ChiChi LaRue. Duran also proclaimed May 23rd to be Stormy Daniels Day.

The heterosexual porn actress is thus an honorary citizen of the Californian city with 35,000 inhabitants, which is considered the gayest city in the country and has immortalized the rainbow in its city coat of arms. Between a third and half of West Hollywood's population identify as LGBTI.

"I don't know exactly what this key opens," Daniels said when handing it over - and joked: "I hope it's the wine cellar". She said she was honored to receive the award.

Stormy versus Donald

The coat of arms of the city of West Hollywood, which has been independent since 1984

The reason for the high honor: Mayor Duran, who in the past also sat on the board of several LGBTI organizations and the civil rights organization ACLU, paid tribute to Daniels in a small ceremony because he had endured the attacks of "the most powerful man in the world" with dignity and even went over to the counterattack.

The background of the story has been keeping the US media on their toes for several months: Stormy Daniels (civil: Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford) said he had slept with Donald Trump once in 2006 when he was already married to Melania. A few days before the 2016 presidential election, she signed an agreement with Trump attorney Michael Cohen in which she undertook not to speak publicly about the alleged affair. For this she received $ 130,000. She wanted to get out of this agreement at the beginning of this year and therefore went to court. In the past few weeks this story has turned into a mud fight - it is particularly unclear whether Trump financed the hush money with campaign funds, which would violate the law.

The city administration made it clear that handing over the keys to the porn actress was not a gag, but meant seriously. "It's as serious as a heart attack," said city spokeswoman Lisa Belsanti, according to the LA Times. "If someone like Stormy Daniels can bring down this corrupt, morally bankrupt Trump administration, then she's a hero." According to Belsanti, the fact that the ceremony took place in a sex shop is not a problem: "We are a city that has a positive attitude towards sex." It is not shameful to earn a living as a porn star. (dk)