What is CTRL E in Excel

Excel keyboard shortcuts: 67 shortcuts at a glance

When working intensively on a table or while entering data or formulas, the constant switch from the keyboard to the mouse to call up commands is more than a nuisance. Keyboard shortcuts save a lot of time: you execute commands directly and open dialogs without having to move the mouse around. Just one example: Instead of selecting the formula wizard via the "Formulas" tab and then opening it with another click, you can go there directly using the key combination Shift + F3.

We have compiled the most important shortcuts in the tables below. We focused on Microsoft Excel 2016 for Windows, but most of the abbreviations also work in earlier versions. The cross-version shortcuts have another advantage: If Microsoft completely redesigns the user interface again as it did in 2007, those familiar with the shortcuts will continue to work as usual without having to search for commands.

The keyboard shortcuts listed in the tables relate to German keyboard layouts. Important: We did not specify the shift key for keys like "!" Whose characters can only be reached by pressing the shift key. The combination Ctrl +! would therefore be identical to Ctrl + Shift + 1, Ctrl + $ to Ctrl + Shift + 4.

The list does not claim to be complete. But if you know an abbreviation that should definitely not be missing, please leave a comment with a corresponding note.

Excel keyboard shortcut: Edit
Keys action
Alt + Enter Insert line break in cell
F4 restore or repeat
Ctrl + -
Delete column or row
Ctrl + ( Show column
Ctrl +) Show line
Ctrl +. Insert date
Ctrl + / mark the current matrix
Ctrl +: Insert time
Ctrl +; Paste the content of the cell above
Ctrl +, Paste the formula of the cell above
Ctrl ++ Insert column or row
Ctrl + 1 Format selected cells
Ctrl + 8 Hide column
Ctrl + 9 Hide line
Ctrl + A select all cells
Ctrl + C copy to clipboard
Ctrl + F search
Ctrl + F1 Hide and show the ribbon
Ctrl + H search and replace
Ctrl + K insert link
Ctrl + L Create table from marked area
Ctrl + space bar select whole column
Ctrl + R delete all content
Ctrl + Shift + End Select column to the end
Ctrl + Shift + O Edit cells with comments
Ctrl + Shift + Home Select column up to the beginning
Ctrl + V Paste from clipboard
Ctrl + X cut to clipboard
Ctrl + Y restore / repeat
Ctrl + Z undone
Shift + F2 Insert a comment
Shift + F2 Edit comment
Shift + Space mark the whole line
Shift + backspace Unmark
Excel keyboard shortcut: Format
Keys action
Alt + apostrophe Open the "Format template" dialog
Ctrl + _ Draw the outer frame around the selected cell or cell area
Ctrl +> Delete outer frame around cell or selected cell area
Ctrl + 2 fat
Ctrl + 3 italic
Ctrl + 4 underline
Ctrl + 5 cross out
Ctrl + Shift + U underline
Excel keyboard shortcut: Navigate
Keys action
F5 Open the "Go to" dialog
Ctrl + End go to the last cell used
Ctrl + down arrow activate the last cell of the column; Select cells in combination with the Shift key
Ctrl + arrow up activate the first cell of the column; highlight cells with the Shift key
Ctrl + left arrow activate the first cell of the row; highlight cells with the Shift key
Ctrl + right arrow activate the last cell of the row; highlight cells with the Shift key
Ctrl + Home go to the first cell used
Excel keyboard shortcuts: Spreadsheets
Keys action
F11 insert a new diagram sheet
Ctrl + Page Down go to the previous worksheet
Ctrl + Page Up switch to the next worksheet
Shift + F11 insert a new worksheet
Excel keyboard shortcuts: numbers, formulas, functions
Keys action
F2 Mode for editing formulas
F3 Insert formula name
F4 convert relative cell references to absolute
F9 calculate all worksheets
F9 Evaluate formula in the input area if part of the formula is selected
Ctrl +! Assign the number format "Thousands separator, 2 decimal places with sign"
Ctrl + # Start formula monitoring
Ctrl + $ Assign the number format "Currency with 2 decimal places"
Ctrl +% Assign the number format "Percent without decimal places"
Ctrl + & Assign "Standard" number format
Ctrl + ” Assign the number format "Science with 2 decimal places"
Ctrl + § Assign the number format "01 Jan 00"
Ctrl + F3 Assign names
Shift + F3 Open the "Insert function" dialog
Shift + F9 calculate active worksheet

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