The keto diet stinks in your crotch

Losing weight: This is why the keto diet causes intimate odor

The keto diet is one of the most popular diets of all. For many, renouncing carbohydrates is easy to keep up and success should be seen quickly, especially with stubborn belly fat.

In addition to reducing the percentage of body fat, the keto diet can have other effects. However, these are less pleasing.

The feared side effects include bad breath, diarrhea and the keto flu.

Unpleasant intimate odor

Now, however, there is another problem that more and more women who follow a ketogenic diet are reporting: An unpleasantly strong smell in the genital area.

So far there are no scientific studies that confirm that the so-called "keto crotch" (translated: keto step) actually results from the diet, but the experience reports agree.

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The phenomenon is very reminiscent of the bad keto breath that many followers of the diet suffer from.

Because while you are in ketosis, your body does not use carbohydrates for energy, but breaks down fat. So-called ketones are produced in the process.

Ketones produced in abundance

These are chemicals like acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone. The latter is also better known as the smelly ingredient in nail polish remover, yuck!

While all of these chemicals are naturally produced by your body, they become overflowing quickly on the keto diet.

The result: both the breath and the excretions can take on an unpleasant odor.

Changed pH value creates odor

In the case of the strongly smelling genital area, however, the ketones are probably not the reason. As with any other diet, the vaginal pH value can change with a carb-free diet.

If this upsets the balance of bacteria in the genital area, the risk of bacterial vaginosis increases.

This causes too many bacteria to form in the genital area, which can affect the vaginal odor.

Certain foods can help

In order not to burden your pH value unnecessarily, some foods can be helpful to you - of course without carbs.

Probiotic foods not only help you fight infections, they also stabilize the pH of your intimate areas. So put more emphasis on:

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Even if you are on a fat- and protein-based diet - too much meat and dairy products can have a negative effect on your body and cause infections due to the hormones they contain.

Therefore, it is better to buy fresh from organic farmers or rely on vegetable fats such as:

Stay away from soap and co.

If you are on the carbohydrate-free diet, are on ketosis for the first time, and smell an unusual smell, observe it for a few days.

Important: Do not try to get rid of the smell with soap and the like. That would disturb your sensitive intimate flora and only cause other problems.

If the odor persists for several days or weeks and you experience other symptoms such as burning, itching, or unusual discharge, it is high time to see a doctor.

It is quite possible that you were very unlucky and that you caught an infection or something similar at the same time you started your diet.

In the event of a rash: Better to see a doctor

Some sufferers report, in addition to the unpleasant smell, of a rash in the genital area. However, this does not have to have anything to do with the diet.

So far, no aspect has been found within the keto diet that could explain such a rash in the crotch.

So diet is probably not to blame and treatment is urgently needed.

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