How good is the ipod touch

iPod touch in the test: what can it do and who really needs it?

It's been a while since we had a really new iPod to report. The new iPod touch brings some important changes and improvements compared to its predecessor and also sets it apart from the other members of the iPod family. Simply because they are denied access to Apple Music. Other things have practically not changed.

Packaging & design

For example, the packaging that the iPod touch comes in is completely identical. A plastic box in which the iPod can still be seen when packed thanks to the transparent lid. This includes the Lightning cable, the EarPods and of course the two obligatory and still coveted Apple stickers.
Not much has changed in terms of design either. However, Apple has given the iPod touch a few new color options: silver, gold, space gray, pink, blue and product red variants are available. In return, Apple has said goodbye to the optional armband, for example to tie the iPod touch to itself when taking pictures, for example. The new models even lack the appropriate device.
However, anyone who hoped for a larger display like the iPhone 6 or even the iPhone 6 Plus will be disappointed. The iPod touch has a 4-inch display with 1,136 x 640 pixels. These are values ​​that are known from the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s.
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Software & camera

As expected, iOS 8.4 runs on the new iPod touch. This means that Apple Music also works on the device, as does most of the apps from the App Store. Actually, nothing else would have been expected from the flagship of the iPod range. The other two iPods, which at least have been given new colors, stayed that lucky. You can't even get music from Apple Music to the little siblings of the iPod touch via iTunes.
There are improvements in terms of camera. The rear camera is the same as that of the iPhone 5s. Fans of slow motion videos can now work with the iPod touch with 120 frames at a resolution of 720p. The previous device still had to make do with a 5 megapixel camera, while this now offers 8 megapixels.

Storage sizes & battery

Apple allows itself a little oddity with the memory sizes. In addition to 16, 64 and 128 GB as with the current iPhone models, there is still a model with 32 GB. Apple had deliberately deleted this from the iPhone in order to drive more people to the more expensive 64 GB model.
The battery life is roughly the same as that of the predecessor device. A real comparison with our test devices is not possible, however, since the battery in the old iPod touch has been through a few years, hundreds of hours of use and various charging cycles.

3 things that are missing

Apple has decided not to burden the iPod touch with an unnecessarily large number of new functions. Unfortunately. As a user of a modern iPhone, the missing Touch ID button is immediately noticeable. Once you have found this in a device, you no longer want to own devices without it.
Particularly with a view to the US and UK markets, there is a lack of NFC for Apple Pay. In addition, the iPod touch cannot be connected to an Apple Watch. Yes, a lot of things would only work in a slimmed-down manner, since a constant internet connection cannot be guaranteed with an iPod touch. But if you have an iPod touch, you probably have it with you as often as an iPhone. In any case, more often than an iPad, which means that the device would actually be suitable for connection to the Apple Watch.
Presumably, all three missing functions are more political than technical decisions. The iPod touch must not be so good that it could seriously compete with an iPhone.

What does the future hold?

In the editorial team, we largely agree that we may be dealing with the last generation of the iPod touch.
This iPod touch could well be something of a test run for the anticipated iPhone 6c. The "new" iPhone model with the hardware from last year. The iPod touch with its A8 processor essentially has this. And that in the smaller 4-inch format. The next iPhone 6c should also come in this format. If only to be able to differentiate it better from the likewise new iPhone 6s.


Anyone who owns an iPhone will have no personal need for an iPod touch. But the iPod touch is still a good entry drug into the iOS world. In addition to a first-class music player, the iPod touch is also a first-class portable game device and is also suitable for playing videos and surfing the web - provided you are close to a well-known WLAN.

With a starting price of 229 euros, it might be worth waiting until autumn. We expect the upcoming iPhone 6c to cost 399 euros again, like the current iPhone 5c. Of course, that's another 170 euros more, but you also get the device you actually want: an iPod touch with LTE, GPS and probably even Touch ID, as well as the ability to connect the device to the Apple Watch.

However, the iPod touch is always a good choice for children. You can use it to listen to music and play. As long as WiFi is available, a wide variety of communication channels including telephony (for example via FaceTime, Skype and Co.) are open.

Product nameApple iPod touch
pricefrom € 229
  • Comfortable pocket format
  • Compatible with Apple Music
  • Almost the same performance values ​​as the iPhone 6
  • No Touch ID
  • No NFC (if Apple Pay comes to Germany)
  • Not compatible with Apple Watch
System requirementsApple ID (required for some features), Internet access, OS X 10.7.5 or later, iTunes 12.2 or later