How is it that Itachi never woke the Rinnegan

How does Nagato create and use so many Rinnegan eyes?

I will explain this in my own words, hopefully better and more concisely. Nagato has the Rinnegan. We learned that the chakra bars transmit chakra (similar to wifi). What gives Kekkai-Genkai to someone (most of them) is a genetic difference that causes a change in the natural Yang chakra in the person. (Body chakra, such as bone manipulation and Kekkai Genkais, which affect physical form) Or the Yin Chakra (Haku's ice or scorch release, releases that allow the use of another type of natural release or the like.) Then there are mixtures between the two . (Namely the Dojutsu. Influences the physical form with the change and enhancement of the eyes and the special releases associated with them. The Byakugan is more physical (by influencing the physical chakra points and using their eyes to learn how to use them) . while the Sharingan is mental or yin. (To be able to use special skills like Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi and other skills.) Both pairs of eyes are descendants of Rinnegan, which affects the Yin and Yang chakras together. (Allow for the physical manipulation via some paths like chakra absorption, while the deva path offers a yin ability that enables a special form of space-time release.) The Rinnegan needs the genetics of the Uchiha and the Senju together. (Because this the two brothers are of the sage of the six paths) The reason why the bodies resurrected or summoned by the Rinnegans have a version of the Rinnegan with a lesser K raft because they receive the chakra from Nagato, through which they can manifest the yin (spiritual) chakra of the Rinnegan, who is severely lacking in the physical. Although the yin chakra still allows all faculties to manifest, they are greatly weaker because they lack the yang (genetics) of rinnegan. Another example of this is Obito's resurrected corpses. You have the ability to manifest the Rinnegan and the Sharingan. The Rinnegan is still weaker than Obito's, but the Sharingan is not as weakened as the Rinnegan. (This is because the Sharingan is more of a mental, or yin, ability.) There is a third example of this ability in Sasuke when he received the Six Path Sage Chakra and thus awakened the Rinnegan within himself. (Together with his Uchiha skills, he transformed the Rinneganer into the Tomoed Rinneganer, which compensated for the loss of power in the Rinneganer and gave him an even stronger version due to the merger.)

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