What is an evaluation sheet

Interview evaluation sheet: form for employers

The interviews are over and that’s the end of it - right? I thought wrong! The real work comes after the interviews. Now it's about select the right person for the position. To make the selection a little easier, an evaluation sheet for the interview can be used. In this article, you will find out what it can do and what needs to be taken into account.

Interview evaluation sheet - what for?

The job interview helps companies and applicants get to know each other and find out whether they are a good match and whether a collaboration is possible. As a company, you will receive many different impressions of the different candidates to be evaluated afterwards.

An evaluation sheet helps identify the applicants as objectively as possible and to make them comparable with each other. On the basis of specific criteria selected in advance, you assess and evaluate the candidate. The evaluation sheet is intended to prevent you from making hasty decisions and misjudging the job seekers.

Such a form is especially important for the employer if there is one Multitude of candidates gives. If there are several interviews on the schedule, you can quickly lose track of things. The result: You confuse the individual applicants and no longer remember all of the characteristics.

If you have to decide between two high potentials in the end, that becomes a problem. In such a situation it is important to have as many impressions ready as possible in order to get a informed decision hold true. An evaluation sheet will help you! We will now take a closer look at what this looks like in detail using a sample. You will find further information on the assessment and common criteria below.

Interview evaluation sheet - sample

If your company works with a pattern, it is important that the same form for all interviewers is made available. It is also advisable to go through the evaluation sheet for the interview at least once in the group. It is essential to clarify any questions and make sure everyone understands the criteria and knows what to look for.

In principle, you can use the bow during or after the conversation to complete. In most cases, however, it is advisable to do this during the conversation, otherwise there is again the risk that you will forget important aspects.

We provide you with an evaluation sheet for the interview as a sample. However, this one is rather general held. Depending on the position and industry, you will have to adjust this further.