Which is more comfortable jeans or leggings

Jeans leggings - fashionable information about jeggings

Did you already know that leggings weren't just around this century? The tight-fitting and above all extremely comfortable trousers were invented as early as the 17th century. However, it was made from goatskin at the time. It did not serve as a fashionable complement, but was primarily intended to keep you warm. In addition, it formed an effective protection against thorns for its bearers.

What leggings made of goatskin in Europe were, the Indians made of suede knew. And even today, in the cold regions of the world, such as in large parts of Russia, it is still common to wear knitted leggings under your trousers. Because only in this way can you endure the bitter cold in winter.

Their entry into the modern world began in the 20th century when athletes discovered the streamlined, comfortable trousers for themselves. Because the movement-friendly leggings keep the muscles warm and soak up sweat. It has been at home in almost every wardrobe since the 1980s. As a modern piece of clothing, it can be worn with a long top or under a dress or mini skirt.

Leggings, jeggings, treggings

Leggings: Since the first few years of the new millennium, tight-fitting leggings have been able to establish themselves so far that today they are not only available in lycra or elastane, but are also increasingly being made from numerous other materials.

However, in order to maintain the comfortable fit, the amount of stretch is still very high. You can now get hold of the trousers that were originally black in many colors. They are available in plain or patterned. It is also available with embroidery or other decorations.

Jeggings: If the leggings are made of denim, it is denim leggings, which are briefly referred to as jeggings. Because the jeggings are in no way inferior to the leggings, they also have a high percentage of elastane. This means that the jeggings are even tighter than the skinny jeans.

  • Like all leggings, the jeggings do not have a waistband with a button and zipper, but have a practical elastic band.
  • It can have real trouser pockets, just like classic jeans. Often, however, only side pockets are sewn onto it.
  • You can get the jeggings in all the colors in which the classic jeans are also available. From dark blue jeans to light, washed-out ones, everything is available. The comfortable jeggings are available in black, white and colored. And you don't have to do without the typical color gradients either.
  • You can also purchase the trendy trousers in extra length. Then you shouldn't try to roll up your trouser legs. The long jeggings are worn in such a way that they create fashionable folds above the ankle.
  • Or you can opt for a model with short zippers on the trouser legs, which you can wear both open and close.

Treggings: The word treggings also comes from leggings. It is a combination of the two English terms leggings and trousers. And because the trousers are more likely to mean trousers than jeans, typical treggings are usually made of a solid material. They are even made from lacquer and leather. Nevertheless, the treggings also fit tightly to the body. Because it also has a very high percentage of stretch.

Jeans leggings: for which figure?

Are you tall and have slender legs? Then the jeggings are exactly the right pants for you. Even if they are a little more bulky than conventional Lycra leggings, you don't have to worry about that. Your slender legs come into their own. You can combine the tight-fitting, comfortable trousers to your heart's content.

Also slim little women the jeggings are perfect. Combine the trendy trousers with high heels and you look a little bigger. You should only avoid the layered look under a dress or skirt. The different levels make you appear squat and your legs look shorter than they are.

Are you something plump with lots of feminine curves on the buttocks and thighs, if you mostly wear large sizes and if you do not have slim legs, you should generally avoid tight legwear. In the skin-tight trousers, your thighs and calves are even more eye-catching.

Opt for women’s jeans with a moderate cut that loosely play around your curves. Combine the blue jeans either with a loose-fitting, not baggy top, or draw attention with a nicely cut blouse up, away from your problem areas.

Some too Men's opt for the tight and comfortable leggings. Be it for sport or as comfortable leisure trousers. Although not many men of creation are enthusiastic about jeggings, some know that they appreciate the comfort and the comfortable fit.

However, the same applies to men: The tight fashion jeans are primarily aimed at the more sporty types. A small tummy or curves on the hips or thighs cannot be hidden anywhere in these pants.

Jeans leggings: which ones for whom?

Just like the classic jeans, you can not only purchase the jeggings in different colors and washes, but also vary the cuts. However, all models have one thing in common: They have a high elastane content of around 80 percent and nestle against your body like a second skin. However, the jeans leggings make differences in the waistband:

  1. Because you can buy the stylish fashion trousers with a normal waist height, or you can opt for a pulled-up waistband. If you are tall and slim, the high waistband also favors your figure. Combine the jeggings with a short, crop top to show off your slim waist.
  2. Although the fashion jeans have an elastic band on the waistband, you can also find the jeggings with additional belt loops. This makes sense if you are particularly slim and fear that your pants will slip. But the retracted belt can also serve as a chic fashion accessory that nicely highlights your narrow hips.
  3. But even if you don't have a model figure, you don't have to do without tight trousers entirely. Because it is also available in large sizes. However, if you are more bulky, you should combine the tight trousers with a wide, long top that reaches down to your bottom. In addition, a monochrome model is less conspicuous and does not additionally emphasize your problem areas. Choose the pants in dark blue or black, because dark colors make you slim. If you can decide on an eye-catching top, look upwards.
  4. Jeggings worn as trousers with a long top or under a dress are always part of the leisure outfit. If, on the other hand, it is combined with a chic blouse, it can look quite casual and pass as office wear. To do this, choose high heels and an attractive blouse that you tie with a belt at the waist in the style of the 80s.
  5. No skin-tight pants for the office are suitable for the gentlemen of creation. For you, the jeggings are exclusively casual clothing.

If you are looking for comfortable trousers for the garden or for sport, the Capri style jeggings are just what you need. At three-quarters length, the comfortable jeans let a lot of air into your legs and also look great when jogging or cycling. There are also trendy fashion jeans for children. Because even young ladies are fashion-conscious and enthusiastic about the stylish layered look.

Combine jeans leggings

Because the modern jeggings are available in different designs, they can be combined in many ways:

  • As pants: If you want to wear the cozy, tight jeggings like pants, opt for a long shirt or a long sweater for the top. In summer you can combine high heels, pumps or ballerinas with trousers. In winter, choose short ankle boots or long boots, depending on your taste.
  • Instead of tights: With the jeggings under the skirt or the dress, the typical, modern layered look is created. If you are toying with this variant, consider: the combination only looks advantageous with slim legs. After all, the trousers are made of denim and are therefore a bit more bulky than the conventional leggings made of Lycra. For this outfit, don't choose an overly tight skirt and go for high heels.
  • In extreme style: If you want to attract attention with the help of the tight, comfortable jeans, simply mix different styles, because style inconsistencies are in! Wear a delicate floral dress with jeggings or stage your shrill appearance with a long blouse and traditional jacket.
  • Never choose the jeggings too small. Because these pants in particular do not tolerate cheating. Even a few centimeters too tight, the fashion jeans mercilessly reveals every problem area, no matter how small

As a male jeggings wearer, you can opt for a T-shirt loosely over the waistband in addition to tight-fitting men's jeans. Don't choose the top too wide, otherwise your outfit will look feminine. Chucks are suitable as footwear for the leisure look. In winter, combine the cozy trousers with a chic turtleneck and ankle boots.