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Jo, hey guys!

My name is Dana, I'm 19 years old (January 4th, 2001 * → soon to be 20 - woof!) And come from ugly Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony.

Professionally, I am training to be a pharmaceutical clerk

In my spare time, I like to be outdoors, ride my bike, or catch Pokémon.

Otherwise you can find me in my room destroying the Nexus, taming dinosaurs (Ark) and / or creating them myself (Jurassic World Evolution) - sometimes I break tanks (World of Tanks) or disappear into Vents and leave nothing behind but a trail of blood and Mountains of corpses (Among Us). In general, I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop (hopefully my PC soon!). When I'm not gaming, I draw - whether on PC or paper - or play role-playing in forums (of course FSK12 cough cough). You should have noticed that I write a lot ... 😇

Unfortunately, you won't find me on consoles.

If I'm not in the mood for all of these things at the moment, then I listen to music or stream series and films. My current favorite: DISNEY PLUS (I am a Disney Junkie 🦄)

As for music, I actually hear everything. Rap (Alligatoah), Metal (Skillet?), Schlager (Santiano), ... preferably rock (In Extremo and Red Hot Chilli Peppers !!). And if all of that doesn't work, then there's still Disney. I am currently fond of Frozen 2 ❄️

PS: Hamilton is also awesome: 3

So, that's it from me for now. Below I have summarized a few key points about myself. What can I say? I L I E B E such a get-to-know-what-thing-topic 😆

••• ✤ •••

Favorite Food:

Thuringian dumplings

Favourite colour:


Favorite animal:


Favourite movie:

Bear brothers

Favourite song:

"This is me"- Keala Settle

Favorite book:

"Saeculum"- Ursula Poznanski

Favorite actor:

Johnny Depp || Meryl Streep

Favorite season:


Favorite channel on YouTube:


Fear of: Spiders, fire, knives, dark rooms

Pets? Unfortunately, no...

Dog or cat? cat

Heat or cold? cold

Mountains or sea? mountains

Christ Child or Santa Claus? Christ child

Snow or rain? rain

••• ✤ •••

Shoe size: 39/40

height: 1.68m

••• ✤ •••

Riot Games

The subject we are actually here for: Riot Games. In principle, I only actively play two games: League of Legends and Valorant. Unfortunately, I'm as talented in shooters as a crocodile in jumping rope. That's why I can't say much about my skills in Valorant - and what I could say would only make for big crocodile tears (ha.haha.haa).

It doesn't look any better at LoL, but at least I know my way around a bit better than Valorant - even if I'm at about the same level in terms of skills ... 🥴

But just see for yourself:

Akrauna in League of Legends


Solo: Bronze III

Flex: Iron I.


Bot lane (ad carry)

Top lane


-> I also play Jungle and Mid - but neither well nor often enough to mention them here. Just consider me a beginner c :)

Main Champions:

- Gnar | Mastery 7

- Ashe | Mastery 7

So that's it from me at last. To a happy togetherness. Maybe you will play with each other and if not: stay friendly and have fun! 🥳