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Looking after the children at home, plus working and cooking? You can conjure up our quick recipes for meat-based and vegetarian dishes, cakes or salads in no time at all - this also works in the home office! And the taste is not neglected either.

Simple dishes, prepared quickly

Many families are currently facing a challenge: they have little time to cook between home office and childcare, but still want to do it every day balanced and diversified eat. With these quick recipes, that's no problem! All dishes are in ready for a maximum of 40 minutes on the table. Our quick recipes - such as B. our lightning cake recipe - will not only delight you, but also your family. The simple dishes consist of just a few ingredients that are cooked quickly and require little chopping.

Some general tips on how to save time while cooking include:

  • use Frozen vegetables. You don't have to clean it.
  • If you do cut vegetables into small pieces: do it little pieces from it, then they will cook faster. Instead of preparing jacket potatoes that are cooked whole and with the skin on, you can also peel and quarter the potatoes. So shorten the cooking time.
  • The oven Turn it on at the beginning of the cooking process: then it will be hot as soon as you need it.
  • Don't cut vegetables like cucumber or carrots into small pieces by hand, but rather a practical one Rub use.

Satisfying ingredients for quick recipes

The ideal basis for quick recipes - also for children - are Pasta, rice and potatoes. They just come into the boiling water and are cooked in 8 to 15 minutes. Or you work with raw potatoes, for example in our pill cake recipe, then things are also quick. In the meantime you can take care of the other ingredients. It goes even faster Products from the refrigerated shelf such as spaetzle, Schupfnudeln, tortellini or gnocchi: They are even suitable for 5-minute recipes and for recipes for pre-cooking. You can find more recipes for quick enjoyment in our 5-ingredient recipes.

Incidentally, you can store most of our suggestions in the refrigerator without any problems warm up again. You should only be careful with fish and other marine animals. Consume fish the next day at the latest and heat it to at least 70 degrees Celsius beforehand.

Stir-fries and salads

Are a classic of the quick kitchen for dinner Stir-fry dishes with meat, fish or seafood. Leftovers from lunch can be used here wonderfully. Prepared only with vegetables, you can easily get quick recipes without carbohydrates. Meat-free dishes can also be prepared in a pan or in a wok in no time, both “low carb” and with potatoes, pasta or rice, but also quinoa, couscous, etc. It is best to use seasonal vegetables for vegetarian lightning recipes - our spring recipes provide ideas .

It can be cooked in a time-saving manner with minced meat or shredded meat. Minced meat for example, it cooks very quickly and forms a tasty basis for pan dishes such as a minced meat pan. You can also conjure up a quick lunch Pan-fried food plus side dishes, roughly off

  • Beef steaks,
  • Pork filets,
  • Kassler as well
  • Chicken fillet or
  • Turkey schnitzel.

Try e.g. E.g. our recipe for a hearty sauerkraut and smoked pork casserole. Many Asian dishes also go well in the quick kitchen, for example wok dishes like our coconut chicken with wok vegetables. Are you looking for more inspiration? We have answers to the question "What am I cooking today?".

They are also done quickly Salads - as a light meal with fresh lettuce, tomatoes or with filling ingredients such as cheese, pasta or couscous. Even in the cold season there are fresh salads such as lamb's lettuce, radicchio or chicory from regional cultivation, from which colorful, fresh winter salads can be prepared in no time. With herring fillet, you can quickly prepare delicious fish salads or the popular cream herring.