How do I improve my tennis forehand

Match practice: improve your forehand and backhand!

Safe strokes from the baseline form the basis for a successful game. We'll show you exercises that players of all ages and levels of ability can use to improve their forehand and backhands.

Expert: Nic Marschand. The former coach of Michael Stich and Barbara Rittner runs the tennis company at several locations in Germany and has been part of the tennis MAGAZIN team of experts for many years.

1) Find the ideal meeting point

A problem is often observed, especially with hobby players and on fast floor coverings: a too late meeting point with forehand and backhand. The result: too little acceleration and insufficient control. An early meeting point, about half a meter in front of the body, is therefore extremely important and the basis for a successful game - in every ability and age group. Do the following exercise: You start in the middle of the T-line (A, see graphic on the right), your coach is half a meter in front of the T-line. Now you alternately hit a forehand in the half field (1) and then a forehand volley (3). Do the exercise with your backhand as well. For the flying ball, you move a good meter into the field and then move back to the starting position with nimble feet. The effect: By expecting the volley right after the forehand (or backhand), you start moving forward early on, automatically hitting the ball in front of your body and getting used to an ideal point of contact.

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