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Finally good news about the coronavirus: Switzerland has a vaccine!

Radio Lozärn caught a pleasant interview today: The Bernese immunologist Martin Bachmann gives great hope to the medical platform of the Touring Club Switzerland, TCS MyMed. Vaccinations in Switzerland are scheduled to take place as early as autumn.

Professor Dr. Martin Bachmann is certain that he has found an effective weapon against the invisible enemy. “We already have a few candidates and we can induce virus-neutralizing antibodies in the test animal. Simply put, these antibodies destroy the virus. Now we have to prioritize the vaccine that is best scalable and can therefore be produced quickly in large quantities, ”he says in an interview with www.tcs-mymed.ch.

100 million Swiss francs

And it goes even further! According to media reports, his vaccine has shown successful results in mice. When asked what specifically needs to be changed in the vaccine so that it will also have the desired effect on people in the future, Bachmann says: "Nothing, we are ready!" The plan is to have enough for Switzerland and only then for the rest of the world. He is currently looking for 100 million francs for production. Martin Bachmann: “As a non-profit foundation, the USZ Foundation promotes medical research and innovation for patients and talented young people at the USZ. You are now trying to raise 100 million Swiss francs for our project and we seem to be on the right track - I am confident. "

An exclusive excerpt from the interview

TCS MyMed: Is it a one-time vaccination like measles or do you have to vaccinate annually?
Martin Bachmann: At the moment we don't know that yet, but you can assume that you don't have to vaccinate annually - maybe refresh every 10 years. Because the virus is genetically stable.

TCS MyMed: Where should production take place?
Martin Bachmann: We don't know exactly yet, but we will produce it in Switzerland.

TCS MyMed: What pricing policy are you aiming for with the coronavirus vaccine when it hits the market?
Martin Bachmann: It is still too early to name a price. But: This vaccine shouldn't be expensive and every Swiss person is guaranteed to be able to afford a vaccination.

TCS MyMed: In general, health authorities and many experts are dampening the expectations that are too high: even if the approval process is accelerated, it will take at least another year. Your forecast?
Martin Bachmann: We have a detailed plan and work very closely with the authorities. It's ambitious, but in six months we want to vaccinate all of Switzerland. For this, some rules have to be changed as part of a pandemic plan, but we are on the right track.

The professor has already won these prizes

  • Swiss Technology Award 2013 (Hypopet i.G.)
  • Swiss Technology Award 2004 (Cytos)
  • 1998 Pfizer Prize for Immunology
  • ETH Silver Medal for PhD thesis (1995)
  • Honored final examinations (maximal marks in all examinations) (1991)
  • ETH Silver Medal for diploma thesis (1991)