What is the best keyword suggestion tool?

Keyword Planner: 5 Alternatives to the Google Tool

In 2008 a small group of SEO and IT specialists started the endeavor to make the battle for users on the World Wide Web fair and transparent for everyone. Almost a decade later, SEMrush has no doubt with over 350 employees in four countries one of the most sought-after contact points for online marketers all over the world - regardless of whether you want to analyze your own web project, design an advertising campaign or optimize the backlink structure.

The American company now offers its users more than 100 databases, the over 200 million keywords and the marketing and analysis service is an excellent one Keyword planner alternative do. For a quick check of a certain keyword you can use SEMrush without a paid account, but if you are planning extensive keyword research, taking out a monthly subscription (due to the daily limit of checks and other restrictions) is a must. Even with the cheapest variant, you can generate keyword suggestions for up to 500 search terms per month - including information such as the search volume, the level of competition or potential costs in paid searches (advertising banners).

In the "Keyword Analytics" section, SEMrush offers all the information you need for Determination of high quality and competitive keywords need. You can conveniently choose which Google domain should serve as the basis for the research and receive in this way language-specific results. While the alternative to the keyword planner provides the organic search volume in a single, rounded figure, for the paid search you receive the estimated CPC value (cost-per-click) as well as information on the intensity of the competition for the keyword in question. In addition, SEMrush provides a live overview of the organic search results, relevant ad texts and the top videos on YouTube. For almost all result data, you can optionally call up detailed reports or these Export as an Excel, CSV or CSV semicolon file.

In addition to the information on the desired search term, which you can also call up for both desktop and mobile traffic, the SEMrush service also makes suggestions for new, suitable keywords. The tool creates the following two lists for this purpose:

  • Matching phrases: In this list, the keyword planner alternative suggests possible new search queries that contain the desired keyword or a variation of it. In order to generate high-quality and useful word groups as possible, the research tool scours a suitable, regional database.
  • Similar keywords: SEMrush analyzes the top websites in the search engine rankings for a specific search term you specify to generate a list of keywords that these pages have in common.

For both keyword lists, which you can also export in the formats already mentioned, you will receive information about the search volume (rounded), the potential costs and the corresponding SERP sources of suggestions. Users of the "Guru" and "Business" packages also have the option of historical data to see.