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Fight for survival in amateur basketball : Ascent by application

It will be some time before basketball can be played again in Berlin's sports halls. The planned season finale tournament of the Bundesliga will most likely not change that, in which Alba would take part, but Bonn, Frankfurt and Munich have applied to host the tournament alongside the Berliners.

At the base of Berlin basketball, however, there is a standstill. The Berlin Basketball Association (BBV) had to end the current season and cancel numerous training camps and tournaments. The promotion and relegation regulation for men and women is now processed by application. "If teams are of the opinion that they would have achieved relegation or promotion with the pending games, they can submit an application," the association announced.

The local league team of the buccaneers 2010 made use of it. The fifth-placed team went to the district league after all, as the theoretical possibility still existed. Meanwhile, the first team of privateers rose as leaders in the regional league. “The moment when emotions rise after the last game didn't exist for us. It took place in the form of a confirmation by email, ”says Tobias Beckerwerth, who is on the board of the Friedrichshain Club.

These are strange times - and economically not easy for Berlin basketball. Although the clubs continue to be largely funded by the contributions of their members, the buccaneers, for example, lose the income from basketball clubs at schools and planned holiday training camps. “This income is offset against the payment of our full-time trainers. The salaries still have to be paid, however, which creates an imbalance, ”says Beckerwerth.

BG Zehendorf offers 49 thank you campaigns

The coaches would have offered the club to switch to short-time work so that the buccaneers don't have to go too far to their financial reserves. The club could still live on the savings for around six to eight months, but the promotion of the first men's team to the regional league would mean additional expenses of around 5000 euros per season in the future, according to Beckerwerth. “We are dependent on adding a bit more when it comes to sponsoring,” says Beckerwerth. "Due to the current situation, the money is of course no longer so loose with possible partners."

The traditional club BG Zehlendorf and the comparatively young basketball club BC Lions Moabit have other concerns. Both clubs host traditional and internationally attended tournaments. But neither the Zehlendorf Whitsun tournament and the Easter Cup in Moabit could or will not take place. “The participating clubs have already paid down payments for their accommodation, we have booked the accommodation. We are currently not getting the money back from them, or only in bits and pieces, ”says Andreas Riebold from the BC Lions.

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The club has to transfer around 40,000 euros back to clubs from all over Europe. “That was and is not our money. But we have to get it back, ”says Riebold. Thanks to immediate state aid and donations, the liabilities have now been reduced to a sum of between 20,000 and 25,000 euros. The main club is not endangered, an impending bankruptcy could be averted, also due to the financial separation between the club and the Easter tournament. Rather, the Lions want to offer regional league basketball from next season, they are taking over the fourth-class men's team from the ailing neighboring club ASV Moabit.

The first clubs are already reporting isolated exits

Niklas von Tschirnhaus from the BG Zehlendorf also speaks of “extensive loss of income”. The association is now relying on donations and is offering 49 thank you campaigns. From advice on the tenancy law of a player of the over 45 men to the homemade banana bread of a under 14 player, almost everything is included. In general, as emphasized by Tschirnhaus, the club is not at risk if the members do not jump off. “We're not going bankrupt, we're not gnawing on starvation,” he says.

The BBV is therefore looking to the future with mixed feelings: “We are currently not aware of any club that has to cease all gaming operations entirely due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are currently assuming that fewer teams will register for the new season than in previous seasons, ”said a response to a Tagesspiegel request. The first clubs are already reporting isolated members leaving, there is currently no increase in the youth classes: "Since the registration fees from team registrations are also one of our main sources of income, the financial situation becomes considerably more problematic for us, even if we do not do so much later be able to start the season or, in the worst case, the next season should not be possible at all. "

Whether and when regular basketball can be played again in Berlin cannot yet be foreseen. It is important that the majority of clubs still seem to be able to withstand the crisis. At least that is a good prerequisite for the Alba Berlin professionals not to be the only Berlin basketball team playing in a few months.

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