What are the laws of the universe

The 7 laws of the universe and how we can use them for our lives

3. The principle of correspondences or analogies.

According to this law, the relationships in the universe (macrocosm) correspond to the individual relationships (microcosm). That is, the external conditions are reflected in the interior of the person and vice versa. So we don't encounter anything that doesn't have something to do with us. Just as you are inside, you also experience your outside world. Conversely, the outside world is also your mirror. When you change, everything around you changes too. So if you want to see a change in the world or in certain areas, then start to change yourself and the others will follow suit.

4. The principle of resonance or attraction.

This law says that we can only attract what we send out. We can basically only receive on the frequency on which we transmit. Like attracts like and is reinforced by like. So you pull everything into your life that corresponds to your daily actions, thoughts and emotions. So always try to choose positive emotions, choose love instead of fear and love will come back to you too.

Easier said than done ... we know that from our own experience. Our thinking usually only moves on the well-trodden paths that are not necessarily good for us. But how can we have a lasting positive influence on our thinking structures?

You can do this by directing your thoughts in a positive direction anew every day. And because we know how difficult that is, we at kyō have released our own app in which you can listen to pre-formulated, professionally and lovingly spoken messages about yourself and your goals. Every day. Even established patterns change for the better over time.