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Post Fri Jan 12, 2007 00:05

To Leonidas: There are a few things I'm not sure how far they don't go well beyond basic Python knowledge? But maybe I just don't get it right ... (I dare to ask because there may be other people who don't understand it straight away ...)
Leonidas wrote: Dynamic worksheets on the topic of "Ray theorem and similarity"
One of the main things I stumble across is the phrase "dynamic worksheets"; how do you do that in python? (After all, you shouldn't only be able to write to files, but also be able to format them, right?)
Leonidas wrote: The theory of the golden section and its "influence" in art and nature
What part of it is edited in Python?

My own suggestion, for people who enjoy something "figurative": A cube generator that spits out the probabilities of the occurrence of certain results.
The advantages: The statistics behind dice are relatively clear and well-known, and you can have the computer run simulations in parallel, e.g. to see how many throws you have to perform to get the theoretical values. (That also goes in the direction of Bernhard's suggestion.)
And, depending on how quickly you have programmed the simple things, you can add expansions at any time, that is, after the basic program you always have a reasonably round thing that you can hand over, but you can still continue working if you still have fun has it .