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Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in one movie : Late justice for the superheroes

The most important change in the four-hour directors cut of the superhero spectacle "Justice League" can only be seen at the very end. “For Autumn” is the dedication in the credits, behind the words hides a tragic as well as chaotic production story, which itself has Hollywood qualities. In the midst of post-production and heated arguments over final control of the $ 300 million production, director Zack Snyder's daughter committed suicide in 2017.

Shortly before that, the studio had already withdrawn Warner Snyder's trust and recruited director Joss Whedon, one of the architects of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, from the competition. He should oversee the premium product that brings together Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and other DC superheroes.

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The family tragedy brought work to a temporary standstill, and against the backdrop of increasing differences with Whedon, Snyder found himself unable to finish the film. He took a two year hiatus.

There are various versions of what happened to his film afterwards. Some of those involved, including Whedon and Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara, are no longer affiliated with the studio after MeToo revelations today.

Justice League hit theaters in November 2017 with devastating reviews; fans and critics agreed at least once. In a Vanity Fair portrait from February, Snyder confirmed that he has not yet seen the film Whedon completed. “It would break your heart,” his wife Deborah Snyder, who is a producer of the film alongside Christopher Nolan, is said to have warned him.

Superman fans protest in Times Square

The fact that Zack Snyder was given the opportunity to finish his version is not least thanks to a one-off fan campaign: from protests at comic trade fairs to online petitions to crowdfunding-financed advertising above New York's Times Square.

The Justice League flop made the Warner bosses look bad in every way. With “Justice League” the studio wanted to catch up with the lead of the competition from Marvel, whose “Avengers: Infinity War” grossed almost two billion dollars six months later, with a single film.

Instead, you stood in front of the ruins of the expensive DC franchise, with a burned Zack Snyder and a toxic Joss Whedon on board, against whom a number of actors finally made public allegations of abusive behavior on the set last year.

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For Zack Snyder, the personal tragedy now has a happy ending, albeit a wistful one. Warner gave him another $ 70 million so that he could finally make his film; more than rehabilitation for him.

Snyder got the chance to finish the heart project “Justice League” for his daughter Autumn, the only comic book nerd in the family, as he told the “Vanity Fair”.

This story is of course far too big to be a mundane comic book adaptation, even if the superheroes and city smashers of DC are more like gods. At four hours, Snyder's version, including takeouts and newly shot material, is twice as long as the Whedon fiasco. At the time of the sandal film it was probably called "epic".

Rescue of honor for all DC superheroes

Snyder actually shows the cobbled-together original a kind of salvation of honor. Alone for the introduction of the new characters Aquaman, Flash and the six million dollar man Cyborg (Ray Fisher), who would have deserved a solo film (Fisher has since been fired from the studio after ongoing criticism of Warner), he lets himself be almost 90 Minutes of time.

Where “Justice League” gains depth in the first half, Snyder doesn't think of anything more than Whedon in the final. The main thing: bigger, louder, more destructive. From a certain budget, these superhero franchises only differ in degrees, regardless of the director's "personal vision". For Warner, the existence of this Redux version is mainly due to the reassurance of the fans; and to feed the new streaming platform HBO Max with fresh content.

Only at the end does "Justice League" find its true destiny, the film does more than a whole team of superheroes. Allison Crowe sings Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" over the credits, it was Autumn Snyder's favorite song. "Justice League" is their requiem.

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