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Courier service options and ideas

* Bicycle Messenger: The bicycle courier is a big city phenomenon. Because their disadvantage is their short range and that they can only carry a limited number of letters or even parcels with them. "Heavy transport" or bulky goods are not possible at all.

* Use taxi for courier services: Taxi drivers are now to offer one-hour courier trips via the MyTaxi platform. This delivery service is intended to deliver purchases from retailers to customers on the same day: Taxis are to become couriers with MyTaxi - text on


Franchise with a courier service in Germany

* General Logistics Systems (German Parcel). So-called transport partners are active here for the so-called last mile, i.e. the parcel is brought to the recipient or picked up. Delivery districts are assigned in a GLS partner program:

* Fastway Couriers. Fastway Couriers was founded in New Zealand in 1983. The company expanded worldwide over the years. In 2002 the franchise also came to Germany. In 2010 the German offshoot went bankrupt. Today the company is still successful internationally, but no longer in Germany ..: Fastway Couriers - at the free encyclopedia Wikipedia

* Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE). The company MBE is a franchise concept of the parcel service UPS. The heart of this concept is the "Mail Boxes Etc. Center". Business partners and private customers are offered services there. This not only includes shipping. It is also about services such as printing or packaging .:


Setting up a business with a courier service

If you want to earn money with a courier service, you have the following options:

* As a franchisee for an established courier service. For this purpose, the mail is usually collected, sorted and delivered in a city or a district.

* As a franchisor for a courier or postal service. Such courier service models sell licenses, charge a franchise fee and collect a percentage of sales.

* As a subcontractor for a parcel service, advantage: sales are secured and if things go well, your own company can also be expanded with employees; is paid per package

* as a courier taxi ("subcontractor") for a courier service, also as an independent entrepreneur; Payment is made according to the mileage less commission and fees of various kinds

* as a courier service for a mail order company or any other large client, such as an authority

* as a courier service for a specific area

* the transport of special goods for which you have developed your own business idea, for example the delivery of furniture from a mail order company, which you then help to set up

* Express delivery service particularly fast. Important letters on the same day, medicines within hours, goods and documents of all kinds to a destination anywhere in the world as quickly as possible.

* Courier delivery extra carefully. Fresh food is well chilled, fragile goods are securely packaged on the journey, sensitive animals are transported stress-free. Transport works of art particularly safe from damage. There is a great opportunity in specialization.

What needs a courier company: Combined car (as much loading capacity as possible), of course a driver's license, PC with internet access, fax and mobile phone, assertiveness. The struggle for survival for a courier service is tough in Germany. Empty trips quickly ruin a courier service, special trips can be good business. The orders for the courier trips are acquired on the vehicle exchange or freight exchange.

Exact information will help the future courier that the start of self-employment does not end with a pile of debts. Not all providers are reputable and even the serious courier service providers use a sharp pen to calculate. The investment has to be made by the start-up and not by the courier service, which then places the orders. Selling your own licenses is attractive, at least for the seller.

Inform, inform, inform! Is a courier service provider reputable and if he is serious, does he have enough capital in the background to always meet his payment obligations? This is not easy to determine, but it decides before the start whether the new business idea is something permanent or whether it will be a failure. Are there people who have had bad experiences with a provider?


Further information on the courier service business idea

* Kowalski is coming! - Twenty-five years of success with a courier company. How did the company manage to assert itself in such a competitive market and also to grow? Build trust through reliability. Learn from experience. To offer a service that others do not have. Be close to the customer. More information about the company on its website:

* Anyvan - online auctions for courier services and other transports: Anyone looking for courier service orders can find them here. Anyone who has an order to place, from parcels to moving, can find the right provider here. The desired transport and collection date are specified, then the offers can be submitted. Anyone who has a trip anyway but still has space on the car can make better use of their transport. The route can be optimally calculated. One possibility for the CEP services (courier, express and parcel services) to tap new cost savings potential:


Courier delivery books


More sales for a courier company - book: How to set up successful marketing on a small budget? Where can you find unnecessary costs that can be saved? With which service and which products can sales and profits be increased ?: The marketing secret for courier services: How to increase your sales in 12 simple steps. Book. - view on Amazon


Business Startup Guide - Book: 50 questions that every aspiring entrepreneur asks. So the pros and cons can be weighed. In a nutshell in a quick overview .: Setting up a business: What you really need to know. The 50 most important questions and answers. - view on Amazon




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