Why was Michael Jackson neutered

It is not a new finding that Joe Jackson is said to have abused his children physically and mentally for their musical success.

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Jackson's most famous son, Michael, talked about his father's severe abuse in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993. The self-proclaimed "King Of Pop", who died in 2009, left the head of the family nothing of his fortune. It is true that some family members were in a peaceful mood at Joe Jackson's funeral in early July. However, among others, his wife Katherine and children La Toya and Jermaine Jackson published memoirs that report on the family harassment.

Shortly after the Patriarch's death from cancer, Michael Jackson's personal physician Conrad Murray spoke up. In a video on the US gossip portal “The Blast”, the 65-year-old accused the music entrepreneur of having been “one of the worst fathers of all time”. In addition, the doctor wished the deceased “redemption in hell”.

"The fact that he was chemically castrated so that his high-pitched voice could be retained is indescribable," says Murray in the clip. The doctor also stated that he had taken very good care of Michael and was therefore well informed about his torments. The full video is available here.

Ambivalent accusation

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The personal physician himself was made responsible for Michael Jackson's death and had to serve two years in prison - Murray is said to have given the singer an overdose of propofol. The 65-year-old has been on parole since 2013.