What moisture improves mustache and beard growth

Growing and maintaining a beard: that's how it works

On the way to a beautiful, full beard, there are a few things to consider - then your face will soon become a striking eye-catcher.

A beautiful beard takes time. Especially if you want to grow a full beard. With the proper care and little tricks get the most out of your beard. However, there is no precise schedule of how quickly the facial hair grows. The beard as well as the head hair sprout in the cut round 0.3 to 0.4 millimeters a day. However, that depends on many different factors. So, dear men, do not despair if the stubble does not grow immediately: when the time comes, beard will come.

Growing the beard properly

Whether full beard or three-day beard: they all want to be well cared for. So who his Growing the beard properly want, must keep a few things in mind.
  • If you already have a beard, put it on one first uniform length. This works best with one Razor and stylers, like that Braun Shave & Style 300BT. He offers a 3-in-1 styling tool With interchangeable trimmer heads. With it you not only trim your beard, but also give it that optimal contours.
  • If you are still clean shaven: Let your beard hair grow for a few days (depending on the thickness of the hair growth) and then trim it to a uniform length.
  • For four to six weeks then applies: Stay away from the razor - Even if it is hard. Of course, you can adjust the contours, but you should change your beard don't shave again. Because that this then grows faster is a misconception.
  • Bow down itching in front. Beard growth, especially when you grow a full beard, is unfortunately usually accompanied by itching and tingling, because your skin first has to get used to the new hair. So use a Moisturizerto soothe the skin and irritations to avoid.
  • Have patience: Depending on your predisposition, it can take a while for the beard to look really good full and tight is.
Our tipTo make your beard grow a little faster: Eat a balanced diet and rich in vitamins. Especially Biotin (Vitamin B7) has a positive effect on growth. It is found in high doses in nuts, oatmeal, yeast or carrots.

Growing a beard: grooming, combing and combating ingrown whiskers

When growing a beard, remember: this one needs just as much care as your scalp hair.
  • Wash your beard regularly. For this there is special beard shampoos. These also care for the skin of the face.
  • Do one now and then peeling and apply cream to your face daily - either with one Beard oil or a moisturizing fluid.
  • Remove ingrown whiskers. Warm the affected area with a warm washcloth, then try to pull it out with a light scrub. If this doesn't work, bring it Pull ointments often the desired effect. Caution: If the hair is too deep or the area becomes infected, only that remains Go to the dermatologist.
  • When growing a beard: Think about combing. This nourishes the hair and makes it look good. For preparation trim Your beard, for example with the Braun Shave & Style 310BT. Move it in each direction of growth to catch all of the hair. Depending on the desired length and style, choose one of the various trimmer attachments out. Important: then comb your beard hair in the direction of growth to maintain the trimmed and stylish look. Beard wax helps, the Refine styling.
Already knew? Of a Beard one speaks from a length of at least an inch. A three-day beard is usually between 0.4 and 5 millimeters long.

Heavy beard growth or light fluff: what does beard growth depend on?

Whether you have a very strong beard with dense, thick hair or rather small, scattered stubble depends on many various factors from. Age, hormones, diet, Skin type and ultimately to genes. As a general rule the following can be said:
  • The beard begins to grow in or after puberty. From around 25 years of age, the beard is considered "fully grown" and completely created.
  • However, hair growth can also change again. Namely when you Hormone levels go down or up. The androgen is responsible for this testosterone. If it increases in the body, it can make your beard grow. The stubble then sprout stronger and stronger. The hormone will not change the density of the beard either. In order for the beard to grow particularly thick, there must be enough Hair follicles on the face to which the testosterone docks.
  • And, as already mentioned, it also depends on that nutrition at. Sparse beard growth partly reflects one Nutritional deficiency contrary. Security is one Blood test at the family doctor. In addition to biotin, they also help Herbal beard oils or silicato stimulate the growth density.