How do I build a local business

The advantage of local businesses

A decisive advantage of local companies: You can advertise with regionality! Find out why the term regionality is so well received and how you can use this advantage for your company in the article.

Why is regionality so popular?
Regionality - most people immediately associate it with something positive. The reasons are obvious: Those who buy regionally support their home country, know where the products come from and get fresh goods. In short: regionality simply makes you feel good. So it's no wonder that regionality can be advertised particularly well. But how do you best do this as a local company? Our four tips will tell you.

1. Analyze your target audience
Do you know who is behind your target group? If not, it's time to find out! Because only if you know who you actually want to address can you use the right advertising path. Especially local companies that want to address a specific region should attach great importance to an analysis of their target group. Because that forms the basis for your marketing strategy.

2. Don't emulate the “big guys”
Always remember: regionality is your strength! So it makes no sense to take large global companies as a role model. The marketing strategies of large companies cannot be compared to those of small companies. It is much better to develop your own strategies and compare yourself with similarly sized competitors in your region.

3. Emphasize the regionality
Whether in print advertising, on the web or in your business stationery: Make the regionality of your company your figurehead! Only when you clearly communicate that you are a local company will your target group be aware of it. There are many possibilities for this - use them.

4. Use customer proximity
The content of your advertising material should relate to your region. When composing the text as well as with the photos used, make sure that the local / regional reference is always clear. Because: Anyone who recognizes their homeland in the media would like to find out more!