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Monetization: How To Make Money From Your Website

Website monetization is far from a myth. Or something that is reserved for only a few. With a little luck and hard work, virtually anyone can turn their website into a monetary asset. Once set up, it generates passive income without having to invest a lot of time and effort.
However, many website and blog operators are reluctant to use monetization techniques. Methods such as affiliate marketing, fundraising or lead generation are known. Nevertheless, there is still a certain shyness. But this is not necessary at all, because it is getting easier and easier to align a page profitably.
We'll introduce you to a few options here and show you how monetizing your site can be a real success.

What does website monetization mean?

Very simplified: the traffic of a page is converted into sales. The operator of a website works together with companies, for example. These are simply dependent on (online) advertising and are therefore constantly on the lookout for advertising space. The operator now has a number of methods and strategies at his disposal with which he can make his page available in monetary terms.

What are the benefits of using monetization methods?

You immediately have these advantages:

  • Passive income opportunities through traffic
  • Blog monetization (even your well-run and well-visited blog can generate income).
  • The monetary use of your website can even double your monthly income.

Monetization strategies and tips

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common methods - its popularity is rising. In fact, affiliate marketing spending is expected to exceed $ 8 billion by 2022.
As the provider of a website, you work together with the provider of a product or service. You are the affiliate on whose page your partner can now advertise. For every click, lead or sale (depending on the contract) that was mediated through your site, you will receive a commission.
You can also redirect your traffic directly to the provider's website. Simply link your content to the provider's website. The more traffic your website has, the more can of course be redirected. The earnings potential therefore depends entirely on your side.
Affiliate marketing is relatively easy to implement. There are many helpful platforms out there to help you do this.

Google AdSense

Another possibility is the sale of advertising space via Google AdSense. AdSense acts intelligently, so that only suitable ads are placed next to the relevant content.
This method basically implements itself. All you have to do is set up the corresponding account with Google, through which you request the sale of your advertising space. After approval, a special code is embedded in your page, through which ads are now displayed.

Your direct advantage:

The AdSense code only allows ads that harmonize with the content of your page and therefore your audience. However, all decisions are not taken out of your hands. If you think an ad is inappropriate, you can block it immediately.

But please note:

The amount of income you can get from AdSense varies. Advertisers pay different prices for different ads. (Too much) advertising can also have a negative impact on the appearance and perception of your site.

Alternatives to AdSense

Do you want to decide alone who advertises on your side? Do you also have strong traffic? Then it makes sense to place advertising within your content. Native advertising is the most sensible form of advertising here.
How much you can earn depends on the network you have chosen. The number of impressions or generated clicks also have an impact.

Sponsored posts

A company pays you to write advertising postings on your website yourself.
This method is really only advisable if you are comfortable writing high quality content. Always use special tools to avoid mistakes at all costs.

Selling products or services

With your own online shop you can immediately reach a larger market and generate sales.
But be careful: depending on the market segment served, there is a lot of competition waiting for you, so that the market entry barrier may be high.

Online courses

If you have valuable knowledge, why not monetize it? Digital courses are as firmly established as they are popular.
E-learning also knows many forms of delivery. You can make learning content available for download as PDFs, recorded video courses or live classes.
Another advantage of online courses is that they can be integrated into almost any site. Whether the focus there is on e-commerce or blog, for example.

Are you even a specialist? Then you should recommend yourself as a trainer or tutor. Expertise in particular is particularly rewarded. And above all, good.


Learn from the most successful podcasts. You employ several strategies to generate income. E.g .:

  • Gaining sponsorships during the show.
  • Direct support via premium content: those who provide financial support from the audience receive access to exclusive content as a thank you.
  • Sale of products that complement the podcast, such as goods, courses, advisory services or the above-mentioned premium content.

Donate / Subscription

The essential basis for this is a really committed audience. Your fanbase needs to be strong enough that they'll be happy to donate money in order to receive your offer.
In addition to calling for charity, you can start a subscription-based service. Premium content or products are available to customers there at a fair price.

A subscription-based job exchange to bring your users together with potential employers is also conceivable.

The classic of monetization: lead generation

Leads monetize your traffic directly. Through it, potential customers are brought into contact with companies whose offer could be of interest to them.
Unlike affiliate marketing, the focus is not on sales. Instead, lead generation focuses on creating interest in brands.
Generating leads is one of the easiest ways to generate passive income. Just note that it is also one of the most tedious. You receive less commission per lead than per sale.

Before you start monetizing your website….

... never forget: You can't make quick money with the monetization of websites. So don't let yourself be frustrated by diverse, self-appointed coaches who want to have collected immense amounts within a few days.

The real success factors

Some of the above methods are sure to produce results more quickly than others. However, nothing changes in the fact that you have to invest time, effort and commitment, especially at the beginning.
Both quantity and quality of traffic are the critical elements that always have an impact on the monetization of your website. Only valuable traffic that leads to conversions is paid for. The basic requirement is always a solid customer base with whom monetization is conceivable. And patience.

Push messages support monetization

Push notifications don't just help increase your traffic. You can connect with loyal audiences and build and expand relationships! Let your audience know, e.g. via notifications, how they can support your site. Few can simply refuse a charming request or an inviting suggestion.


There is no best or worst way to monetize your website. If implemented correctly, either method can be beneficial and profitable!
So you are never bound by rigid rules, but can always research further and determine your individual path to success.

And always remember: it is normal that higher income only comes from higher efforts. But when you have done it, you will see: it was worth it!